Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Possibly ... Still don't care for them?
  2. Negative . That car deserves a hot wheel on it
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  3. Like what I need some choices here I'm retarded when it comes to wheels
  4. I know I feel you trust me I love but HATE my wheels but I can't make a decision
  5. I mean other thing I can do is get these fr500s a guy near me is selling
  6. I like them
  7. Some charcoal gray fr500's would look damn nice. I personally like shiney but know that you don't. If you have deep enough pockets some true forged wheels would look sick with that paint! Beautiful color btw
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  8. True forges are very nice I don't have deep pockets though since I'm getting ready to buy a house
  9. if the guy is close try the fr500' s on it and see what you think... i like the black out you just did if ur on a budget run em like you have em... new rims ...... cool.... a new house ...priceless...
  10. Yeah I mean I'm on a budget with this crap but my motors about to be pulled
  11. Still not right mike ?
  12. No I found the popping issue I'm embarrassed to say but I had my 7 and 8 cylinder wires mixed up :( but now she runs good. It was funny when I started it back up so much smoke from in burnt fuel finally burning. I'm gonna pull the motor to swap the block to something more stable
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  13. enjoy it for a while man !
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  14. Can't help it haha I need more and can't pass up the deal
  15. So a lot of people have been saying my car needs a better wheel on it. So I went to billet specialties and did their wheel visualizer which I actually like because they had a profile of the car and what it would look like.

    So here are screen shots from my phone of three wheels I found that I liked.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  16. That first wheel is pretty sick .
  17. That's what I'm leaning towards I'll have to go 17x8 in the front and 17x10 in the rear they don't come in 9's
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  18. @Noobz347 this is where I need your opinion