Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. Agreed! This wheel looks hot!
  2. It's a pretty cool wheel it's two five spokes stacked on top of each other if that makes sense. They aren't all on the same plane one set sits about a 1/2" below the other
  3. now go the next step and locate someone with photoshop skills to actually put them on your car
  4. I know of not one person who has photochop skills
  5. guess you better start practicing
  6. Touché my friend touché lol
  7. #2 is my most favorite out of those choices.
    #1 is my second favorite.

    None of those choices would make me ashamed to be seen in public. LOL All 3 of those are some badass wheels. :nice:

    They used to run around this forum like lemmings... and FB happened. :fuss:
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  8. Sweet I'm glad I finally found a wheel that you approve of lol. Just started a thread looking for someone with some photoshop skills
  9. I'm with Noobz. #2 is my favorite but I like all 3! Very cool and unique compared to the usuall wheel choices
  10. I don't think you can go wrong with the first two. The third one may look too 'blingy' because of the wider spokes.
  11. Is it just me or does the Copper color paint pretty much leave you with chrome wheels being the best option? I have nothing against chrome fwiw
  12. billet is not chrome :D
  13. Excuse me, I stand corrected. Polished aluminum* :rolleyes: with satin accents will look splendid with the copper paint over black or silver.
  14. So as some of you may know about my hood flying off at a car show because I was ignorant and didn't strap it down. I've decided to have it dropped of at exotic vehicle wraps down near me to have a black brushed aluminum vinyl wrap installed on it. Here's what the wrap looks like image.jpg

    I'll post up some pics of when it's done. If I like it I'll end up doing the roof and hatch and spoiler as well.
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  15. Are you wanting to go this route because you can't get your Copper paint? They should be able to match the paint so you can re-shoot your hood.
  16. I have the paint but not the primer the sealer the reducer the catalyst the clear the hardener I just figured after buying all of that I'll be around 600 for it all where the wrap is 250
  17. But at least you'd have the material for future repairs. Or you plan on wrapping every body part that gets scratched? jk
  18. Hmm it's seems to be what I may just do lol...
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  19. image.jpg image.jpg So here's the finished product of my hood. What y'all think?
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  20. Just looks like it needs to be painted :shrug:
    I know people dig black/white hoods for whatever reason, if you dig it, roll with it. Still a good lookin ride
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