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  1. I need to take a better pic with it it's not just black it's brushed metal I'll get a pic of it as best as I can tomorrow I'm thinking of turning this into a two tone car maybe
  2. I think I actually prefer the matching color hood. Mainly because it just completes the overall presentation of what is an unusual and very cool color. But on the other hand the black hood is kinda "bad ass" so it works also. Basically, its your car, so who gives a rats a$$ what anyone else thinks? Overall I'm still in awe of everything you've done with the car. Some cars are purely for looks. Some are purely for performance. And some are like yours, a combination of both. Enjoy her! (and next time young grasshopper, don't leave your dingle dongling in the wind!)
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  3. Well I'm definitely doing the roof and hatch and spoiler now I like it way to much not to do it
  4. Then the entire deck surface will look like it needs paint.

    Really, you spent all that money on what is basically a custom color, and now you are covering that up w/ what looks like black primer? (in pic's at least)

    That is basically the same as me deciding to s h itcan the entire custom laden six in favor of a HCI 5.0.

    The car will photograph the same regardless of how much of a better pic you take. It will still look like you bought a fiberglass hood, and decided not to paint it.

    Stop where you are, give yourself a chance to hate it before you spend more money covering up the perfectly good money you already spent.
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  5. I agree with Mike but it's your car and if you like it.... I just really like the Copper paint better. I'd try to spend the extra and match that.
  6. My vote is up the wiper cowl, over the roof, down the hatch and through the woods to grandma's! Oh wait... omit the grandma part.

    I like it!
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  7. Says the Gangsta Wrapper himself.
  8. I will add, I haven't seen this in person but I have seen the brushed metal vinyl and it is breathtaking on the few cars that Ive seen it done on. I really doesn't photograph well and you can't appriciate the detail. This is one of those need to see it in person type deals
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  9. I need to remember my inhaler then if I'm ever up close to the car.

    I think it'd be different on a different color base (Like grey, pewter, or silver).
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  10. I'm with the nay-sayers. You've come too far to collapse just feet from the finish line.
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  11. Has anyone ever made it to the finish line?
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  12. I think hood looks good black next to the copper color but im not so sure about doing more than that in black but then again when your done i may say you fn nailed it. Its your car and you have a vision so go for it! Ive seen copper cars with black hoods and black wheels and have always loved it, i have never seen the the other body parts your wanting to do in black and this is mostly why i say im not sure.......if you found the money tree i would say hood etc in carbon fiber that would look SICK! good luck car looks great anyway!.
  13. Going down to the track tonight to see what kind of times I pull out of this thing. Wish me luck I'll post here and the sticky of my time slip and all good stuff

  14. Most of what you're talking about would indeed look good. Would look even better if even SOME of the car color spilled over onto the hood though.

    Then it wouldn't appear like the hood and car were painted separately.
  15. Yeah I could've done that but from all the scratches I couldn't think of a way to expose the paint without showing a scratch
  16. yes yes would look killer with the copper only on the sides of cowl
  17. Put some trim paint over the top. A better artists can do WAY better than me but here's what I'm talking about-ish...

    Just some way to tie it in is all:


  18. Nailed it, kind of limited on dzus colors but blacks an option.