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  1. first time out,thats part of the fun though,to get better and better times,and im sure you will.
  2. Yeah, 13.90's is nothing to be ashamed of. I've been racing since I was 16,...and it was all I could do for the first year just to get the car to go a 13.90.

    Try living in Denver in the 70's when there were no go fast items for a windsor.
    16.50's was the norm in my Mach1 with my foot planted on the floor.
  3. I'm not ashamed of it really I just did a bone head move and not really much of a burnout at all. That and my trans is being a pain
  4. Getting ready to buy myself a tko600 from a guy near me he said he only put 1000 miles on it. He's selling it because he sold the car and was parting things out of it. He wants 1700 for the trans bellhousing clutch fork and 31 spline yoke. Anyone think this is a bad deal im gonna try and offer him 1500 and see if he takes it
  5. If it's in good shape, that's a good deal. Remember, you will need a 26 spline clutch disc to go with it.

  6. Yeah I've already accounted for that I will still probably have someone open it up and take a peek to see if anything is wrong with it
  7. flipping through race pages and I spy with my eyes a certain copper car ImageUploadedByTapatalk1406893295.989644.jpg that's you isn't it @MikeH686
  8. Just before the hood blew off??
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  9. OUCH ! I wasn't gonna go there lol
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  10. Yes that is me and no it was before the hood blew off that was the next day when I went to my high schools old car show. Thanks for showing me this Jeff! @TOOLOW91
  11. anytime dude I wish it was a full shot but none the less it's in there
  12. Well I was supposed to be in the second picture with all the winners but I never heard my name get called for an award but when I went to leave is when I got the young star award
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  13. So I'm here to wipe the dust off this thread, I've switched some gears now and bought a new tci super street fighter c4 with full manual valve body and trans brake, I will be posting pics as soon as I get it, it should be getting shipped this week. The trans brake is something they don't offer in stock with the trans already, they had to take a regular super street fighter and swap out the valve bodies. Hopefully I'll get this in and back to the track one last time!
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  14. No pics?

    Keep dusting.

  15. I can shows you a pic of my car but you've already seen it lol... Well I did buy this though!

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  16. Welcome to having the car be on the backburner!
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  17. I know right? Haha I had to get the trans at least though, my first project with that house is putting a detached garage in, I'm thinking a 24x24x12 tall garage with provision for a car lift in the future
  18. If your going to do it and have the room go bigger for sure. Used to work out of a garage that size with 2 cars with something constantly happening on them. Wasn't terrible but a little extra room would of been nice. Especially if your going to put a lift in. Place looks nice though. Being a homeowner is nice, something to be proud of.
  19. For sure, congrats man. I've been in my place 3 years now and it's by far the best thing I have ever done. That and deciding to stop biting off more than I can chew.