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  1. Very nice color, should get a lot of attention!
  2. Hey all just wanted to give you guys a few updates ill upload photos and vodeos soon but my motor was on the dyno here at mckeown and with a faulty ignition box i made 391hp with a 650 carbuerator so it didnt have my systemax intake on it so if it changes it will most likely drop the rpms at which it reaches 391. With the carb it was at 6100 at 391
  3. One more of mark putting a load on the motor

    View attachment 145841

    Just a note you have to click on the second two in order to see the video
  4. Mike...

    Moving your thread to Tech and adding a BUILD tag. :grats:
  5. Whats that mean i feel proud? Haha and thanks man
  6. What... you mean that doesn't do it for you? o_O

    Strange. :D
  7. Idk what it means though

    Yes it is enough for me lol
  8. Damn you're not playing around on that motor.
  9. No no im not at all im going back monday to do a few more pulls with a new ignition box and or battery he had a problem with his dyno where it would miss a little bit and then cut off but if he would turn his switch off then back on he would get a spark again but if he didnt touch the switch he wkuld not have a spark it was really strange but hopefully he fixes it by tomorrow
  10. I just got the bill for the motor build holy f u ck 6000 dollars but the good neews is the final dyno numbers are 410 hp and 396 tq
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  11. Yeah the motor specs are 347 with -22 cc pistons and built edelbrock heads with a tfs stage one cam. And the total compression ratio ended up being 8.5:1
  12. Sorry i havent updated here for a bit but i got my motor in on the fourth with new poly mounts thats was a pain in the rear having to drill out a new hole in the k member to fit them damn things but now off to the pics

    I ordered my rjm harness two weeks ago so hopefully that comes in soon then the ron francis kit comes in on wednesday and after that she will be going back to paint for the last time its on the down slope of this project now so hopefully spring time she will be on the road
  13. 2012-09-04_21-01-02_787-1.jpg

    This ones a little bit more clear
  14. Spanks! Yeah the valve covers arent the permanent ones i think i found a pair of black omes with 347 stroker on em
  15. Looks awesome!
  16. I hate seeing nice clean engines like that. Makes me too worried to run them for fear of getting them dirty.
  17. Its just the lighting to me it doesnt look clean at all compared to a whole hell of a lot of members on here i.e. RacEoHolic330