Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. 2012-09-11_19-01-36_381.jpg
    MUAHAHAHAHAHA found this on my doorstep this afternoon ... let the madness begin!!!
  2. Man that looks like fun. I didn't even open up my kit yet, so it's interesting to see what it all looks like! Which one of his kits did you say you wound up getting?
  3. That would be the express kit and i also have his dual fan relay and sensor kit because the relay on the panel isnt made to power two fans
  4. Why the low compression? Is the motor getting boosted?

    Good progress, man!
  5. Yes it shall be boosted by a turbo kit from b and g
  6. is it me or what..... none of the pictures are coming up on this thread - Mike post some up when you have the chance -
  7. Pics are coming up fine for me man
  8. :mad:....G*d damn computers ..........if I kick this thing anymore maybe it will work?....
  9. Lol well sticks and rocks a good computer does not make
  10. hahaha- well I'm a big MO - I guess if your patient and wait - the pictures 'will' upload - it's fine now - I didn't want to miss the pic's on the paint job - let me know on the wheel I'm gonna put it on Ebay - hole and all
  11. Ok so what do you think about the paint?
  12. Well from the pictures that do upload for me - the engine compartment looks F-n fantastic - I really like the color and the application - I would of spent a little extra time and cleaned up the engine bay of the larger unused holes - but I have a slight case of OCD - but if your painter can apply that to the rest of the car you'll be 'rocking' - I still want him to explain to me about the wetsanding between clear coats -...what's he using 4000 grit?
  13. You know what ill ask him because im taking the car down tk him maybe this weekend or so and ill ask him to explain it to me
  14. yeah I'd be interested - not that I'm an expert or anything -but that just sounds funny to me - maybe a smal blem or something - with 2000/2500 - and the clear would re-infill it - but the whole car - :confused:.....and then to apply two more complete clear coats - maybe he's found something out that I don't know - get the grit of paper and procedure if you can ...
  15. Yeah ill do my best to get as much info as i can from him
  16. Great job man keep up the good work, car looks pissa!
  17. It looks what? I cant tell what word that last one is
  18. Kick arse! I'll steal that post!
  19. Didnt know they would block p i s s a! Lol
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  20. Pahahaha awesome thanks guys