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  1. So i am sending my car down this weekend to go get painted the last time. I had to rig my motor to be held in but i didnt wanna put my junk t5 back in so i took the bell housing ans cross member and stuck a 4x4 in the bell housing and lag bolted it to the cross member has anuone ever done this i feel ie macgyver over here ill post pics tomorrow evening of what i did :)
  2. A couple of months ago I was looking at an '85 t-top, missing the trans crossmember, so the guy took a 2x4 and a piece of rope and tied the tail housing on the tranny to the 2x4, with the 2x4 on top of the shifter hole. Your way sounds better than that!!!
  3. Yeah that sounds shady i tried to rock my motor around and it didnt move much so i think im good for my trek down the road to the painter
  4. Yeah, I think you should be fine, as long as your motor mounts are healthy, if one of them were to separate then you might have a problem, but the way it sounds, I'd say you're good to go.:nice:
  5. Well that was the thing was i just replaced my solids from previous owner to polys ajd the polys had lots of wiggle with the motor by itself wanted to lean back to the back of the tunnel
  6. Car goes back to paint one last time this weekend and i just received my rjm engine harness i cant wait to put that in
  7. Back from paint time for re assembly


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  8. Time for the good stuff!
  9. Yeah buddy im gonna take some more pics tonight but since i went from an lx wing to a gt wing i need a new hole to route the third brake light harness
    .. should i start out with a drill bit then go hole saw bit or could i get away with just hole saw bit?
  10. I would use a stepped bit if you have one.

    Excited to see the car come together!
  11. Thanks for the input but i talked to my painter and reamed him out about it and hes gonna fix it
  12. Subscribing....
  13. Hey Maryland Stang where you from? Also does anypne have a picture of their starter relay of just what wires are where and how many are on the leaving side of the coil
  14. Got some more work done on the wiring the back tail light section is mostly done and i started mocking up the engine harness and im going to try to do a write up on this harness and how to do a tuck for it that i found very simple to do so stay tuned.



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  15. I live in Greenville, NC and I'm from Annapolis, MD.
  16. Oh cool i just saw it said maryland and i said ohhh another local
  17. Oh, I'm definitely a local there. My body may be in NC but my heart is in Maryland. I go there a minimum of 3 times a year and sometimes more. I have friends there that still call me on an almost daily basis. We just got my son-in-law a used Mercury Milan there. And here in NC some of my best friends are also from MD.
  18. Maryland Stang You sound just like me! I'm from Silver Spring, and moved down here to Raleigh about a year and a half ago. I'm always making that trip back and forth to see friends & family!
  19. Sorry to go off topic, I have to say I LOVE that copper color on your Mustang, I can't wait to see it after it is back together!!!
  20. got more of the wiring done it was a lot simpler then i thought it was gonna be to get the chassis harness back in and sorry RacEoHolic330 but i didnt use the ron francis kit i reused my factory harness. but anywho i also took some other pics of the engine harness and how i routed it and am planning on mounting it up.

    this is where i poked through the fender to do the wire tuck please dont hasle me about the marring marks, my drill bit for the hole saw bit broke and messed me all up.

    this is how the harness looks laying around i got it connected now just not mounted if you do it this way there are three plugs you need to extend, both connectors that connect to the windshield motor, and for the coil connector, you can leave the coil in the fender but i dont want to.

    what it looks like from the other angle.

    this is a pic of the dash area, everything is connected back up and i remoed the air bag circuit and sensors there are three up front and one behind the driver in the b pillar. everything that isnt connected in this picture is either not being connected or the accessory is not there to be connected

    this is the dash section of the rjm harness. it will be attched up behind the ac box. it has enough slack to be able to do that.

    this is how im planning on mounting my eec power relays and fuses. it is behind the glove box but is not in the way of the glove box opening which is great but the only way that i can think of mounting this is 3M double sided tape, if anyone has some other ideasim open to them but thats my progress so far.

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