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  1. This is frightening looking. And I'm not talking about the scratched up paint. Where is the rubber grommet that protects the wires from being rubbed bare by the sheet metal?

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  2. Pahah i have not gotten it yet
  3. Huge milestone... i got my dash in i feel this thing is starting the course downhill im so glad its been alot of fun but i miss driving the damn thing i also got the a pillars installed as well.


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  4. Thank god my front windshield is out because that made installation that much easier
  5. Just got word from house of kolor they are no longer making ketchme kopper i dont know how i should feel about that but at any rate i got an extra two quarts if anything shluld happen
  6. sorry this hasnt been updated with pics in a while but i got my rear suspension out and stripped down now gonna give it to a guy to have new gears put in and a weld axles tubes for me.



    also have gotten my new spindles put on nevermind the electrical in the way i still need to mount it under the fender.


    also gotten my systemax intake and center console hydrodipped in a marble design tell me what you guys think.



    heres the upper and lower attached to each other


    still working on the engine bay but gonna wait til the new year to buy more pieces and cant put interior back in because i need to put in some torque boxes. so that will probably be next on the to do list to be able to get the interior back together.

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  7. Wow that intake really does look badass! You should do the valve covers the same way.
  8. I probably will just because my covers are just plain jane no name fabbed covers
  9. Beautiful!! I love it!!
  10. thanks man, hey madmike1157 what do you think of this intake? i know you like the more eccentric things when it comes to cars.
  11. Thanks for the tag mike,...I'm glad you think it important enough to ask for my thoughts.

    The intake and console look great. Beware though, that mad splatter technique is a path you have to walk carefully not to over do. I do agree w/ Nic, you should do the valve covers as well.
  12. Ill probably do that and that will be it the lower isnt the the marbled look
  13. Agreed. A hint to carry the engine compartment into the interior and let it go. Too much will get tacky. A little is nice custom.
  14. Yes the center frame was big to drag the color inside the car without being to much
  15. The console looks great. :nice: The intake ... eh... Not so much. But that's just me. BTW, that fan in the background of the console pic needs to be dusted. :scratch:
  16. Well this is also before he put two coats of flat clear which i dknt have pics of right now but it looks alot different now and darker
  17. Great Build Thread! Car looks Awesome Good Luck with it!
  18. 84Ttop where did you get yoür minitubs at?
  19. They are from Wolfe racecraft as well as the coil over kit. I'll try and dig out some install pics if I can find them ill start a new thread.