Progress Thread Project Copper Can

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  1. What do yall think of the center armrest being black and the rest being the color of the car? Im think of getting that painted the same color. Just not the lid.
  2. I would do the armrest the same color as the console.
  3. Thats what im thinking i looked at it again and decided im gonna do it that color
  4. I love that color man, where in MD are you at? I just picked up a 86 5.0 GT and would love to get with some fellow mustang people.
  5. Im in good ol southern maryland hah
  6. Me too lol, where abouts?
  7. Waldorf nearer to accokeek though
  8. Ohh nice, I'm in St mary's myself, gonna have to pick your brain some since I just got mine and gotta fix some things on it lol.
  9. Start picking but theres a lot of info on here that can be learned here
  10. Oh I will. just picked it up today and surfing the forums as we speak lol
  11. Text me 2403725450 and send me some pics
  12. I will as soon as I get some daylight, should be tomorrow morning sometime.
  13. Alright whats it got done to it
  14. Umm nothing really,clean slate lol. Rear was just redone and the int is stupid clean. Needs some body work and paint first and foremost, other than that I will start doing piece by piece of what I wanna do.
  15. Right right you know mikes mustangs in bryans road?
  16. Nope not at all but I'm sure I will soon lol
  17. Anything you need you can fjnd it there or he will do his dammdest to find it for you
  18. Awesome, thanks.
  19. Im gonna be there tuesday if you need something let me know and ill look for you
  20. Nice build you have going. About the RJM harness, is that a complete efi harness or what other circuits are included? I need a new harness as PO did a hack job on current one, and still having electrical issues after repairing the majority of it. I have another spare harness but would prefer a new set as I'm anal regarding wiring.