Project "Dedicated Service"

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  1. i beter put a request for the day off then my stang is down so ill have to get my buddy to pick me up in his im starting a motor swap 4cyl to 5.0 swap on my notch first time ever doing one kinda scared to brek somthin lol:flag:
  2. you have built yourself one hell of a car, a car is never done but we all keep trying!! lol
  3. Thanks, its much further along then the way i left this thread, i dont update it anymore due to douche bags on the site, and being rather lazy with answering tons of questions after i make a post. But since it has been nearly a year here's how the car looks now.
  4. needs a 2KR spoiler and chrome door handles
  5. is that serious?
  6. Only Guy knows for sure
  7. mmm im liking the gauges!!!!
  8. Of course Clay is serious, have you seen his car?

  9. that guage cluster is f***ing bad ass.
  10. Just got done reading all 10 pages (late night, nothing else to do...what is sleep?). i saw on corral that you sold the dart block. what do you have planned as far as engine goes now?

    also, florida 5.0 gauges...:drool:
  11. Its not a florida 5.0. It an MC machine, billet not plastic.
    Engine is an N/A stock block 347, AFR 185 heads, Ed curtis custom grind hydraulic cam, Morel linked hydraulic lifters, still need an eddy rpm 2 and other misc ods and ends, i'll keep it in the 400-450rwhp range. I sold the dart block for a few reasons, but one main one was the added weight, i want the car as balanced as possible so i'm sticking with the stock block. Should be a 52/48 spread when all is said and done.
  12. *wonders if thread should be updated*
  13. I'll try and let the past be then.

    Car is not currently running since the engine is STILL on the engine stand. Going to vegas is so much more fun then being owned by a car. Engine sure does look pretty though if i do say so myself. :shrug:
  14. you know its true
  15. So true its now a background on my computer