Project "Dedicated Service"

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  1. DAMNIT!!! i installed the rear axle and all the goodies today and the damn camera ****ed up and i lost all my pics, i guess im just gonna have to take post install pics
  2. Nice. I gotta do that next week. Should be fun doing it alone.

    Did you get the pics and figure out where that brace goes?
  3. yeah def not fun doing it alone, and i got the pics and will do that next weekend when i wire the car, and im gonna try and save the pics i took
  4. post install pics
  5. Can you even turn that wheel anymore???
  6. Damn those some beefy tires. What are your goals with this car?
  7. Yeah i cant turn the wheels until this weekend when i cut and stretch and flare the fenders, but they will fit, plans so far is going to be a track terror, my current goal is to beat of ferrari's lap time at willow springs, and with the 800hp+ engine im building it should be able to do so no problem
  8. Glorious.
  9. Yeah, im so excited that the car is finally coming togethor....again, you can see in the background my old car that i could no longer use, so i ve been stangless for about a year now and cant wait to get out and tear up some corners
  10. Is that a Cobra Brake booster and master cylinder you have or is it just a from an SN95 GT/V6?
  11. its a cobra brake booster with a sn95 gt master cylinder, i didnt care for the cobra master cylinder it was too stiff a pedal feel for me
  12. great job love the color can't wait to see pics of it done and in a nice setting like 25th mustang pics
  13. Cant wait to see her on the track :nice:
    Couldnt you move the K-memeber back? I thought it had 1.5" of adjustment? :scratch:
  14. that is adjusted all the way back, but its no big deal though after today the tires will fit great
  15. i doubt my car will ever look anywhere near as sexy as 25thmustang's even on its completion day, and guaranteed it wont look as nice after a few track days
  16. it looks good, but can you explain what you did? did that grant you all the clearance you needed? never seen that before...
  17. Well those are all the pics of the before and during until my camera died, i'll take the completed afters tomorrow, i was hoping to get this done and get the car wired this weekend but it turned out to be waaaaay more work then i thought it would be, so now that i can move the car and really have no more suspension to install until the car is running im hoping to have it wired next weekend and pull the old motor and tranny out of the other car so i can take it to get the subframes welded in
  18. Here are some after pics
  19. Did you get that little bracket in okay?