Project "Dedicated Service"

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  1. well i got the thing in, but it wasnt easy, i really had to yank on those damn fenders kinda scared me how much i pulled them out, but i had to do it damn tires are ****in huge, later on down the line when i cut and make some custom fenders of my own i plan on running some 315's up front and 355's out back, but thats another project waaaaaaaay down the line
  2. oh wait you ment the dash bracket, well thats this weekends project when i wire the car back up and prepare to fire he up next weekend
  3. I'm sure you've heard of these guys, but have you ever checked out Maier Racing? Their products could save you a lot of time and trouble (unless you like that sort of thing :D) They make flared fenders for mustangs that will allow you to fit pretty much any reasonably sized tire you want. Some guys might not like the flared fender look, but I think it's awesome. Check it out, they have 1.5" flares on up to 3" flares...

    Welcome to Maier Racing
  4. seen it and posted about it many times, but if im going with any its not there, they have forward offset fender but twice the price of tiger racing and not necessarily better than maier racing, plus i like what steve did with his car 100_2858s.jpg 100_2863s.jpg
    really digin that but i want to try it with a stalker bumper and connect the rear of the fenders to the side skirts and bumpers
  5. so how goes progress I know you were sick for a while, any updates?
  6. yeah i got sick, then i got injured pictures are hosting right now so i'll post em in a few, but i broke my cheekbone then i messed up my knuckles training so the progress has been kinda slow and not really worth posting about but i took pics anyway, i even took pics of my old car
  7. What are you gonna do with the shell?
  8. probably drive it out to the desert shoot at it and then blow it up, but i havnt decided yet, i may keep it for the diesel stang
  9. after and hour or so of plugging **** in it still looks the same
    random zoomed in shot of my other pony :)
  10. Whats wrong with your old one?
  11. I was thinking rust but it looks decient. Is that the car thats twisted kinda bad?
  12. Yeah what is wrong with the other one anyway?? It doesn't look that bad.
  13. yeah the other one has major front end damage as well as a twisted frame, plus the paint was shot among other things, the roller i picked up for a grand with fresh paint and body parts so it made better sense fiscally
  14. Damage.jpg hard to see but i thought if i pointed it out you could find it
  15. Oh well if anything you can get all the parts you need off it and then sell the rest
  16. when i have everything i need off of it i dont think there will be anything of value left
  17. How about them window moldings? If you know how to take them off I would be willing to make a purchase from you pm me if you would be interested
  18. i do know how but i want to keep them before i start to sell what i might need
  19. ok todays progress, should have it running by tomorrow and driving by next weekend, got the MC installed and bled the brakes, installed the engine and starting bolting it down, i left my jack at home so i could lift the car to bolt the stuff down so i'll do it tomorrow, so less talking now and more pics