Project "Dedicated Service"

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  1. The excitement ensues!
  2. nice progress, so you're just going to drive around on the stock motor and trans while you're building that dart blocked 347 with AFRs?
  3. yeah, just so i can get it smoged and titled and get the SFC and torque arm tabs welded on, i think its gonna cost me around another 10k to finish the engine to the way i want it, so far i need...
    AFR 185 Heads $1800
    Roller Rockers $350
    Camshaft $300
    GT40 lower intake $200
    Kenne Belle $3400
    Snow performance kit $850
    Valve Covers $100
    Misc Gaskets $150
    Long Tube Headers $600
    Intercooler kit to modify kenne belle $200
    Plus extra stuff i know is gonna come up
    then another $3500 for the T56k kit
  4. man you have no idea, its been a year since the car has run and ive only owned the car for about a year and 3 months so i havnt got to drive it much
  5. rejuvenated sunroof
    Paint i used
    window trim
    Dash redone in gray/black instead of dark gray/gray
    re bonding the dash pad
    hopefully i will have the engine harness installed this weekend and have the car running, next weekend im having the subframes welded in so i can install the torque arm, as well as have the seat mount repaired so i can reinstall the interior
  6. So who is gonna be the first of us to drive our cars around?
  7. me ! too bad im just doing a simple 5 lug and i dont count....

    very nice project you got going here. cant wait to see it all buttoned up and finished.
  8. seeing as how your car is already running, and i still need to get my car running, and im not having stuff welded up until the 18th, then i say you, but mine will still be better when its done :D
  9. Lol who said I'm done. Just cuz it's driving doesn't mean the mods stop coming :)
  10. Please explain this with detailed info and pictures. The only way I can see that is by doing what that other dude did and that was some freaking work..... or are you talking a meth kit? :scratch:
  11. if your doing a front mount then there's really no need for meth, the other guy that did it on here got his temps to like 10 degrees over ambient i think, meth isn't gonna do much if you get the charge temps down... meth is just kind of a band-aid, and after seeing what it does to engine parts after prolonged use, i wouldn't touch it. Same with E85, they are about as corrosive as leaded fuel
  12. yeah im going to do exactly what 92rohp did, its the only way i can have a twin screw and get anywhere near my power level goals with reliability
  13. running an IC, plus meth, plus race fuel is going to let my engine ingest as much timing and boost as possible not so much bringing the charge temps down, im gonna get the 18psi kenne bell kit so i want everything as efficient as possible
  14. dont you think meth plus race gas is kinda pointless, people run meth so they dont have to run race gas, because it give a higher octane rating. I dont think its gonna help you out too much, esp not at 18 psi.
  15. I understand that, I am not as stupi as I am.
    He said intercooler kit for $200. The KB discharged directly into the plenum. So he would have to fab a system like that other dude did and thats gonna be WAY more then $200. The only thing I can see that will cool a KB for $200 is a meth kit. :shrug:
  16. well the only available race gas around here is 100 octane, plus its not pointless as the timing increases
  17. yea i totally agree with that, my post before wasnt in reference to anything that you said. Just to get an intercooler is gonna be at least 200, plus tubing, and getting the plenum TIG welded, and machinework, that was a pretty ambitious job, and the final product was way impressive to me
  18. that kit costs around 200, includes the IC and some other goodies, then the other kit costs around 85 for boots and piping, everything else is all fab work and done by me
  19. same goes here :)
  20. that car (shell) in the background beat to piss, did that come out of washington state?

    we use to know a dude cruising around the streets of centralia named jesse who had a car that looked identical. it was beat, i believe it had straight pipes and a 4-speed manual or something like that?

    i see your in california, and im curious..