Project "Dedicated Service"

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  1. nah its an 88 cali born car, since it has MAF and not SD and i checked the vins, was here all its life, this car had a flowmaster dump system and has a normal T5 in it(for now)
  2. Engine is in, ran out of time installing stuff so i didnt get it started but i did get pressure to the fuel system, anywho less talking more pics
    also anyone have any idea with these ****ers go?
  3. ah, ****en, what about the hose on the underside of the intake?
  4. SHE LIVES, played out phrase i know but im just excited i got to fire her up tonight, no real pictures, now i just need to install the clutch cable, radiator and clean up some wiring, and i'll be able to drive her onto the trailer to have the subframes and TA tabs welded on, hopefully by the end of the month she'll be drivable

    now next order of business, how would this cam fair in a KB application on the road course COMP Cams 31-761-8 - COMP Cams Magnum Solid Roller Camshafts – seems to be what the usuable RPM would be a on road course just wondering if anyone had any input
  5. So do you have the KB already? I ask because a positive displacement SC is much nicer on the street and to get you out of the hole but a centri may be better suited for a road course car that will spend most its time above 3000 rpm. :shrug: You would have the ability to make more power and would not require any fabrication.
    Besides, I thought the KB peaked at 15 psi on a 347 and anything more is just making heat. The blowers body just isnt large enough.

    Or even a Vortech with an after cooler. With your meth injection and an intercooler filled with ice the car would stay nice and cool on the track making it more consistant and in the final stretch you would have better power cause no heat soak. :shrug:

    Just a thought.

    EFIT: You are not staying with the stock headers are you?
  6. im not staying with stock anything on the car, and as far as the street goes, well the only time this car will see street use is when i take it to one of my students organized car shows in november, this will be generally a track only car that might see a weekend or 2 of street driving, im not set it stone on the SC yet but im very much leaning towards the KB i want that immediate snap associated with the twin screw
  7. Yeah, thats what I am saying. I love positive displacement S/C way more than a centri but for your application a centri would be way easier to do and make much more HP and since the car is always up at RPMs the centri will always be spooled so it will always have the "snap" you want on a race track. :nice:

    The only time it would hurt you is if you are in too high of a gear in a corner and let her drop below 2500 RPM cause then you would get on it and at 3000 RPM have a HP spike causeing loss of controll. So ya just have to drive better. :D
  8. well all the local tracks have some pretty tight hairpin turns, so the PD was my first decision to help me out of the places then have the usable power of the cam up top, im well aware that a centri would be easier to make my 700-800hp goal, but since when was easy fun :D
  9. True and as I said, a PD is my personel favorite. :nice: Just tossing out ideas :banana:
  10. oh i know, the ideas keep me up at night

  11. Frontside?

    Goes to charcoal canister
  12. ah ok, well i guess i gotta put that back in
  13. :lol: Me too and I dont even have a stang right now! :rlaugh:

    As to the hose, is it the vaccume hose that goes to the tree and/or brake booster?
  14. no that one is currently hooked up already, and you need to fix that not having a stang issue
  15. Ok todays progress, dropped off the block, rotating assembly and camshaft to have the work done on it, everything should be done by wednesday to assemble by saturday, hopefully have the engine minus SC finished sometime in august
  16. What cobra calipers do you have in the front?

    I have the larger 40mm Mach 1 piston calipers and i'm finding the brake pedal feel is a little on the firm side when i get on the brakes now that i've put some miles on. Doing 45MPH and hitting the brakes requires some force to get the car to go woah.

    Kinda debating if the Gt MC i have with the 1 1/16" bore is a little too big and the 1" Cobra MC might soften it up a little bit with the larger front calipers
  17. i measured them and they are 40mm but still say cobra :shrug: going with a smaller bore is gonna increase pedal effort, not decrease it, smaller bore needs more pressure to move the internals rather than pressing on a larger bore, and as far as the brakes not going woah, you still might need to adjust the PV
  18. alright i was up bright and early at 6am today to start on the car camera weirded out on me so i only got these few pics of the install
    Subframes welded up and torque arm tabs welded on, wind starting picking up so we couldnt complete the welds fully, and since my instructor was the one helping me with the welds and he lives 35 miles away i gotta take it to the local muffler shop to finish the welds on the front of the subframes and have the h pipe and u bends for the mufflers modded to fit the additional crossmember for the torque arm, well here are the pics
  19. Man that thing looks like it just destroys your ground clerance.