Project "Dedicated Service"

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  1. its not too bad actually, doesnt hang any lower than the subframes do, and its especially worth it for the results of the handeling
  2. its inbetween the wheels right? so however low it hangs will never matter because the wheels will pick it up. good progress so far. ive been im'in you but no response. do all mm k members do that and shove the wheels that far foward?
  3. exactly, only need to worry about running **** over, and every one of the MM units do that, mine is worse because i also have the forward offset wheels
  4. well this weekend was totally ****, saturday took me 4 hours to get the car on the trailer cause my come along broke, sunday didnt get the subframes finished so i had to drop 80 bucks to get that finished, then on my way back from the welder i got a ticket for making a left turn onto my street since they had the left turn close, and its the only way to get their with a trailer, also while at the welder when i was strapping the car down i dislocated my shoulder, **** i need a vacation
  5. progress today, but no pictures yet, got the engine to start and run under its own power, just started capping all the vacuum fittings that are no longer in use and the engine started to idle better and better, still can hear some leaks just can find where they are coming from i'll figure that out tomorrow when i fix the seat bracket on the drivers side
  6. sub frames have been painted

  7. Nice! How long do you think until you are driving it?
  8. hopefully this weekend, i need to fix the drivers side left seat bracket, looks like someone tore it out of the car with the pair of vise grips, then i gotta get all the vacuum stuff capped off to get her to idle properly
  9. been lazy about updating, anywho got the car running right, yay, and did some other stuff, not much time to go into detail right now so im just gonna post pics
  10. is that your camaro? I miss mine horribly. I hope to be back into a T/A one day soon.
  11. no that happens to be a buddies, he was switching out his alternator, i'll own one some day after i get all the fords i want
  12. Wow almost 2 weeks without an update well here ya guys go
    Here is the hood pins finally installed and lined up right, comments are helpful
    Boozyah bizzetchs torque arm torqued up and degreed waiting for the removal of the upper control arms
    i know these arent the coolest pics to look at but im at the point where its just tightening and alining, little welding on the floor pans and the car should be ready to drive by the 23rd
    oh and one more, took this one to make sure my batteries were good, and cause she rocks
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  13. ok just one more pic before i pack it up for the night
  14. Nice...when's the maiden drive?
  15. august 23rd hopefully
  16. ahh that picture is a trick! it's a pic that looks like a video of you driving it haha

    looking very good man, that thing should handle like it's on rails :nice:
  17. Sure would be nice to hear it. :shrug:
  18. ****, ok i fixed it
  19. Well it sounds sick! :drool: How the hell do you get a beast like that to pass inspection? :scratch:

    I forgot, is that a track only car or is it a street toy too?