Project DEVIAT1 has commenced

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  1. 56hrs and counting til paint!!!
  2. Awesome man!!! Can't wait to see it painted:nice:
  3. After letting the coat dry overnight. I noticed in the morning (with the brigher sunlight) that there were a few spots where I just didn't like the coverage. A little overspray here... underspray there... paint missing there! so I sanded the whole thing with 600 and VOILA! 10 times better. Took the whole gallon to get it where I was more than happy with it. 8hrs til the clear...

    Heres after wet sanding with 600 over everything.
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    And here is the final base coat. I'm gonna wet sand the passenger side rocker a bit as there is some heavy run there from the door but otherwise shes ready for clear!

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  4. That is such a nice color.
  5. VERY very nice. :nice:
  6. yeah, i bet it feels good to see it like that. great work.
  7. You have no idea how badly I want to just put the wheels back on and GO!!! but alas I cannot drive it until I get everything back on, and everything like that.
  8. dude that looks beautiful!! That color is going to be sick when some light hits it. And all that in ur garage=-). I wish I could do all that myself in the garage=-/
  9. Don't be praising it too much yet. Still alot of fixin to do, because! it was done in the garage. There are runs in the clear... and when I let the clear dry for 12hrs I pulled the tape and some paint came with it... I almost started crying, when I reminded myself that I still have paint and clear... No one will have to know! I'm just trying to remember how to do it!
  10. :nice:

    hopefully i'll get to paint mine this summer..
  11. i dont know if you mention what color that is but it looks great. Unless your making a show car i wouldn't worry about everything being 100%. If its too perfect you never want to drive it, or freak about about who is around it. Looks like a nice driver and hope you have as much fun driving it as you are fixin it up
  12. I don't mind the small imperfections, but I did want to take care of the runs and the one small place where the paint peeled up on the hatch while I was removing the masking tape.

    Ah yes, and the Color is Bimimi Ford Blue. Took the color from a 92 Mustang color code.
  13. Dont be so hard on yourself. It looks great...especially since you did it in your garage!! Im sure you will make it look the way you want. :nice:
  14. yes so far all I need to do is color sand the bad spot and I'll re-clear the hatch ONLY. Anyone know how to take off the trim around the rear window? I'd really like to only do that portion. Thanks
  15. Any progress since the last post? Really looking forward to the finished pics.
  16. Of coarse, all the trim is back on. The interior is about 98% complete. I had a hiccup with the H-pipe having the O2 sensor bung pointing RIGHT AT THE F(@#(ING K-member, so easy swap to my Granatelli piece fixed that, Today I got the Control arms, only to have jegs send me two Passenger side control arms.... jeez. I even overnighted them too! Now I have to wait until THURSDAY! THURSDAY TO DRIVE IT!!!
  17. Make sure you follow up with some pics when its ready.