Project DEVIAT1 has commenced

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  1. Oh for sure, I just didn't get alot of the trim installing. Since thats very straight forward. Let alone when I masked off the doors for the trim paint.
  2. Looks good, that's alot of work.
  3. Anyone know why my coils aren't going lower? Maybe the sway bar isn't letting it compress?
  4. Sorry if I didn't read it already, I was too busy looking at the great pics. Are they newly installed springs? If so, a little driving will make them settle some.

    What clear did you use? It looks fantastic and you did far better than can be expected in a garage. Awesome!
  5. Oh, yes and I don't know if anyone will notice but I got the windstar LX badge on there, I think it looks so much more sexy!
  6. Awesome car man i think i just found the color i want!!!! All this time ive always wanted black but i think im in love!!! :nice:
  7. could use a set of altezza tail lights ;p

    looks great, now you wont want to get a rock chip on that hood though
  8. No no rock chips, gonna get the bumper sprayed with chip guard.

    The color is Bimimi Blue, I got the code from a DuPont book at a local paint supply. Goes on dark, takes a few days to lighten up under the clear. But man I love it too. I was gonna go with a platinum grey, but me and my wife compromised since she bought it for valentines! Whoot!

    I love it though. No altezzas, maybe a new set of LX Lenses, and a new set of ultra clears up front, at least the turn signals. They are so yellow and fogged.
  9. Turned out GREAT!!
  10. looks awesome man!
  11. Looks good, props to you for painting in a garage! What paint are you using where you have to wait 8 hours after the base to clear? Most paint systems are like a half hour!
  12. +1, I can't believe you painted that in your garage, it turned out sooooo good. Definitely inspiration, I was planning on paying someone to paint mine eventually, but now I'm thinking about doing it myself...
  13. if you get LX lenses let me know i'll buy your current ones
  14. Honestly I don't think I had to wait the 8hrs. I believe my stepdad (Painter extraordinair) wanted it to be dry before applying the clear.

    Kinda hoping I waited longer before really putting on the trim and such... at the cowl and at the rear quarter panels where the cowl pinches against the paint, and the same where the rear hatch quarter windows pinch into the panel to seal off water... the paint is beginning to peel back... kinda a downer to a otherwise excellent finish. Not to mention the few accidents I had when putting on the door handles and removing some tape.... lets never mention the tape.... ughh......:nonono:
  15. car looks great though. I had a 92 bimini blue hatch and I loved that car. nice work
  16. man, two months since I posted in here...

    Guess I'll list the latest that I've done to it...

    -Master cylinder swap to a 2port 94 GT Unit (much... MUCH nicer pedal feel with the cobra brakes)
    -Gonna swap the booster for one on a 94 GT as well (Until I decide on what engine I want.... mod or S/C331.... hmmm
    -Getting BBK/Mag Catted x-pipe with Magnaflow exhaust (still haven't replaced my blue tipped FLows!)
    -Replacing my clutch gear with goodies from MM, and making all my pedals even
    -Installed a Code Alarm for mere use of the stupid remote keyless entry... the car came with one that had an original ford remote, but this is very similar unit and I got two sets for only $40... gimme a break
    -Replace the windshield... Cracked it while installing my windshield trim, sad time.
    -Fixing my oil leak, what a joke... rear main/oil pan/valve covers... etc etc etc.

    Oh... and lets not forget.... GETTING MY A/C WORKING AGAIN! OH MY GOD IT WAS HOT HERE!

    Thats all for now. New tires made a difference in how the car looks, I may lower it when I get the new x-pipe since my current mickey mouse one sits too low and hits speed bumps. (not to mention sounding like a tractor since there are now holes in them... bahh!)

    eh... Its always fun. Anyone selling a used x-pipe with cats? HIT ME UP!
  17. Man you can say that again, wtf was up with out weather, and now its ****in cold after being nearly 100*
  18. I know, I actually started re-thinking the a/c (Which I have planned to do by months end...) because it went from 107* down to 78* It's nice... don't get me wrong. But man... I need A/C.
  19. If you need a hand i got all the Vacuum pumps, gauges and other accessories needed to do AC stuff.