Project DEVIAT1 has commenced

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  1. Man its been almost a year since I "Said" I would be doing it.. Ugg. Monday, it will be done!

    PIcking up the last few parts, and some a/c system flush right now. Must have it done... Must have it done!

    I lucked out and got a Robinair r-12 system machine for free, came with a 4.5cfm pump, gauges, and hoses. I've converted the machine for r-134a use, and will be using that to finish off the car.

    I have a complete system taken out of a working 91 mustang, and will be using that to bring my a/c vents back to life.

    Will post pics once I have it going this weekend.
  2. Well, this past monday, I got as far as installing everything. Even replaced the Heater box with a unit out of a newer 92 mustang.(Much quieter, and cleaner) I vacuumed it down, held the vacuum overnight. Figured it was all good since it didn't lose any vacuum. The only parts that are new are the O-rings and the Suction Hose/Accumulator.
    So today I started charging the system, got one can in... Perfect. Then I turn on the system to Max A/C... Started putting the 2nd can in... PSSSSSSSSSSS! goes the discharge line... about 20 little pin-holes show themselves!
    I lost the first can of R-134a... still have over half a can in that 2nd one when I realized it... Good thing these things are only $10 a can now!

    Needless to say... I'm going over to Carquest right now to order a hose so I can start again tomorrow!

    But man... that center vent was getting cold with just that can and a half at idle!!!

    Update to come tomorrow!
  3. Got the new hoses, vacuumed it down for an hour... Here goes round 2 with the 2nd can of R-134a in the system. The vent is blowing cold again..... :nice:
  4. Hmm... Was cooling great for about an hour... then nothing. Guages show no pressure on the low side and only around 125psi on the high side when jumpered. Any ideas?
  5. I'm still reading about 115psi static... so Do you guys think I still have a leak? When I use the switch... it turns on the system, but quickly shuts off, and just continues to cycle over and over. When I jumper it, I get LowSide/LowPressure - HighSide/LowPressure with warm vents.

    Jeez.... this is gonna drive me nuts
  6. Just got in my 94GT A/C condenser... The leak was the liquid line connection on the condenser side. Figures the 94's condenser has 3 o-rings instead of just two, and its a more efficient design for r-134a anyway... lets see how she does by tomorrow :)
  7. good luck. i know ac is important its around 99 here today. couldnt be without ac.

    i love seeing people paint their own cars. you did a great job. everything that was done looked like it was done quality. i could tell just from how well everything was masked off and prepped. thats a great looking car.

    keep up the good work.

    did the front end ever settle down right? did you run polyurethane isolators? are the spring pigtails in the control arm right?
  8. Excellent job:hail2::nice:
  9. The front settled down after I realized I really needed to loosen that nut for the front coil-overs.

    Yes, I had an issue with the liquid line for the A/C at the connection to the condenser. I actually ditched the factory condenser and swapped in a unit from a 94 gt. Same connections, just a tad wider, and serpentine design for a more efficient r-134a system. It wasn't easy. You have to swap the bottom brackets from left to right, whack away at the core support to clear the ends of the condenser, and then I used to self tapping screws to mount the top mounts. But... It fits like a charm, this weekend I'll find out if I can get it to blow as cold as my wifes new Scion... yeah right... at least it'll be colder than ambient outside temp.

    I took extreme care in prepping the car for paint. My "stepdad" was supposed to be an experienced car painter. Found out that he wasn't, and a year later... the paint is showing the signs of poor adhesion. It still looks good obviously, but kind of upsetting considering the time I spent prepping and waiting.
  10. This a/c is driving me nuts. I've replaced every hose, recharged the system 3 times now, and I am having the same issue everytime. It ends up with the system cycling repeatedly every 5-10 seconds. Today was 103* and I could of really used that system today :) My seat backs are starting to discolor!

    ANy help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  11. Maybe the low pressure switch is bad? I just had to change mine, it was behaving similarly. A low charge will make it cycle fast, but if your pressures are good try the switch. A plugged orfice tube could cause uneven pressures. if the switch doesn't work, check that.
  12. That would suck considering its a new hose w/orifice tube :( I'll be hooking up the gauges tomorrow around noon, that should give me a better idea of what could be wrong.
  13. I don't I was meant to work on my car today...

    I got up this morning, was gonna drive the wife to work (to save miles on the new lease...) get about a block away from home, notice the temp gauge rising pretty fast... Pulled over, popped the hood. My mouth dropped, and I almost lost it... after all this junk with the A/C now, I have a blown radiator... coolant was EVERYWHERE! Guess It's time to either address these small issues, or simply get rid of her... this car is beginning to pass that mark of resto now, or forever fail.

    bleh.... that was my morning with this deviat1 :(
  14. dont give up on her. Our cars are getting old and we are having to replace things and sometimes a lot of things. I have had to replace my radiator, both O2 sensors, power steering pressure hose, radiator fan, and power window bushing in the last two months, it should be a while hopefully before something else breaks. But again the last fox is 18 yrs old.
  15. Oh I understand... I don't WANT to get rid of it, but I have 3 kids... one is 4months old! The car needs A/C since it is my daily driver. It needs to run period since its my daily driver. Another problem is that I am currently unemployed, so repairing it comes at the mercy of available funds, and at the discretion of what my wife deems important... obviously A/C was important so I got the ok :) Otherwise, this car would be in the scrapper already. I think I may have the A/C taken care of, now I just need to find out what blew up with the cooling system.
  16. seems there is something plugging up the orifice tube. I have the original, and if that doesn't fix it, I'll just part the car, and sell it off. Wish me luck in august!!!
  17. I wish you luck in August.

    I am gonna take a different route when I tackle mine. Since the engine swap, and ditching the EEC whatever, and coupled to the fact that the entire system is 20+ years old, I'm gonna go the resto route and buy an entire aftermarket A/C system. It's expensive comparably speaking, but it's simple, and I can put the lines, heater hoses, and drier where I want them (under the pass fender)
    All that stuff doesn't have to pass out of the firewall in the factory location either.

    For me, Done.
  18. I would love to see that. I am actually wanting to do the Modular transplant in mine, but we will see what happens. I have a tandem garage, and the wife hates when I waste money and my time :)