Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. Ok, so my Ex husband and his brothers had this bright Idea back in the early '90s to take a Mercury Capri and turn it into a Mustang. They were successful and to be quite honest, the car looked fabulous. It took several junked aero Stangs to build this car, hence the name, FrankenStang.

    I don't have many pictures but, here are the few I have...

    The one and only pic I have of it before the aero stuff was installed

    After paint

    As you can see, it was built with care and not just cobbled together. The interior was swapped also, as well as the drive train/suspension. EVERYTHING on this car is '87+ Mustang. The 5.0 that was put in is an '89+ because it's mass air. I'll be keeping the engine. :D

    The interior needs restored so, I might as well go retro there too. :D

    Needs cleaned up but, runs strong

    As it sits today. I removed the side and rear Saleen ground effects in '96, I believe. They were cracking.

    At this time, I am merely hunting and gathering parts. I should have the nose in a week or two, complete with headlights and reinforcement. I'll post pics of the parts as they come.. Here's the front end I should see on my doorstep soon. A couple guys on here, BK_CAULEY and Aaron (you guys rule!), pitched in and bought it for me cause, yeah, I'm a whiner, lol.

    These two just might become a part of this project

    My goal is something close to this
    I want to add one of these too

    My first "parts" shipment just arrived! :banana: :rlaugh:
  2. well good luck. you should put the capri badges on now and throw everyone for a loop. tell them that it's a one off mercury saleen.
  3. You read my mind. :lol:
  4. yayayay!! :banana:
  5. That will be a cool project. That black one all done up is sweeet!! 18 inch Cobra R's look better on fox bodies than they do on rear 00 R's!! Keep us updated!
  6. congrats on actually getting it started. i know for years you wanted to. that black capri is sweet as can be. good goal
  7. Is it going back to stock color combo? What color was the paint and interior originally? If not what color combo are you going to do? I can't wait to see a progress thread.

    BK and Aaron, you are some stand up guys. If you lived closer I'd buy you guys a beer :nice:
  8. Cool beans :nice: Nobody would PM me the paypal address so mabey I can get ya the air dam for x-mas :D
  9. This is going to be an awesome project.

    I cant wait to see pictures of it with the capri nose and stuff back on! :nice:
  10. It's going to stay black. It was originally the same color as the nose I'm getting.

    This IS the progress thread btw. :lol:

    Oh!! Good idea!!

    *plans to send BK and Aaron some beer money* :banana:
  11. Yeah, I meant progress of the car on the thread, lol. I went to a local salvage yard the other day and there was a Capri there. It was complete but hit in the drivers fender. They are having a half off sale soon, is there any trim pieces you need, like lenses, interior, etc. I can go back to check if they have what you need.
  12. Side trim! :eek:

    If it has the side trim on both sides, ME WANT!
  13. I thought you took the sideskirts and other Saleen trim off because you got sick of it being mistaken for a REAL Saleen and getting harassed by the po-po when they thought you were driving around a stolen Saleen...? :scratch:

    IDEA: Gather up all the leftover Aero parts and donate them to a :SNSign: member that needs 'em for repairs or somethin'. :nice:
  14. This is a sweet project 4 sure. I love Capris, but please do what Mercury shouldve did all along & keep the Mustang hatch & rear on it instead of the ridiculous Bubble hatch. I think some SVO or 86 GT tailights would compliment this car very well.... Cant wait to see some progress.... Good Luck!!!:nice:
  15. +1 keep the stang hatch like on the black one
  16. :stupid:
  17. i have called the guy everyday this week. he finally called me back this morning. he said he would get it weighed when he got the chance. i told him i need it ASAP.

    hey lynn if you want his number let me know. mybe you cna pursuade him to get it done quicker. im not really a people person.
  18. Brilliant! :nice:
    :stupid: Epic idea from EPIK :banana:
    Ya dont say, woulda never guessed :p
  19. That's the other reason. :lol:

    I was thinking of doing just that but, I need the hood for Teh Notch. :nice:

    My Capri never had the bubble hatch. The hatch thats on it is the original.
    I'm not a good people person either but, I can try. :lol:
  20. Well I went back to the yard today. I was going to get them for you as a surprise. However the car was gone. I hope someone picked the car up to do what you are doing. More than likely they crushed it though.