Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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    no, the "C"

  3. :lol::rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol::rlaugh:

    ****er... :(
  4. I don't get it ..........?? ^^^^^^^^^^

  5. Did you say you want to trade me naked hatchbutt pics for a 3-piece spoiler? cuz I tink we could work that out....

    Attention all shoppers: coming soon, Blue Light Special in isle 4, naked pics of hatchbutt, pricing to be determined....

  6. :lol:

    I'm sure I could arrange something...


  7. Where are pictures of he new scoopage?
  8. As you wish...

  9. I like. :nice:

    Is it actually mounted, or just sitting on the hood for the pic?
  10. Huh huh huh.... "mounted"


    Aaaaanyway... I think it really sets the car off. I LOVE IT! Can't wait for the new hatch and 3-piece to go on!

  11. You're more than welcome to have any of my leftover Gloss Black Rustoleum after I paint Bubba Chubb this weekend, if you wanna paint that hatch and wing to match... :D
  12. Gonna go ahead and go with Satin black.
  13. I was gonna go that route with Bubba Chubb, but the biggest downside to satin black is that when it starts to fade and oxidize from sun exposure, you can't wax/buff it back to black again. So, ultimately you'll wind up with a satin charcoal gray car ... which isn't bad, of course, but just so ya' know, it won't stay black.

    My crappy v1.0 Gloss Black Rustoleum paintjob on teh Notch is prone to oxidation, water spots, and sun fade, but even after all this time, I can still give it a once-over with some cleaner wax and have it back to a deep, spotless black again in a jiffy. :nice: (Given, it still needs a repaint because it was my first Rusto-job, but the paint, itself, has been holding up quite well since '06.)

    Then again, I guess you could just paint it Gloss Black, and then not wax it and let it fade, and it'll become a pseudo-satin black on its own... :D
  14. I know but, I can has a garage. :D
  15. Do you plan on only driving it at night, and only in fair weather? :shrug:
  16. Does it matter? I want Satin black. :shrug:


    I can has a new steering column/wheel! Gotta clean it up still but, here's the finished product of Darren's hard work. :D

    ... and yes, the horn blows and so does it's driver. :rlaugh:
  17. That and the SVO wheel were the two best steering wheels ford made in the last 30 years. I love the simplicity and lack of huge bulky plastics/buttons.
  18. Agreed.