Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. Yep Frankenstang got my old steering column & wheel from my 87 that where just taking up space in my garage. I upgraded mine to a tilt column and the sexy 3 oval/ SVO style wheel. Just for general knowlege this wheel was avaliable in Capri & Mustangs 84 - 86 not sure what other Ford products.


  2. I passed up one of those in the jy because i had no clue how rare/expensive those had become. I hate myself.

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  3. I think I may have changed my mind on how I want to paint the car. I think I'm going to do a **** load of body work then get it painted professionally. Either gloss black or some kind of blue. I'm thinking maybe Twilight or Sonic blue.


    A Sonic blue Mercury Capri... :drool:
  4. Sonic Blue Capri FTW!!!!
  5. sonic blue is my favorite color
  6. Sonic Blue, hands down !!

    PS... Vin numbers from the SVO's in the junk yard ??
  7. Dammit! I keep forgetting! :doh:

  8. Hey Lynn, drive that thing out here and I'll drop a shade of blue on it that will have you drooling from multiple locations! :D
  9. OOOOOOOH!!!! Darren and I might need to take a road trip!!! :eek:
  10. Sonic blue is nice but too loud for my tastes.

    May I suggest a similar but more understated shade, such as Toyota's Blue Ribbon Metallic or Chevy's Arrival Blue Metallic


    Edit: removed picture of chevy because the color is way crappier than i remember it from when i worked for a chevy dealer back in 02-03. The toyota blue is still sweet.
  11. A Twilight blue Capri even better...:)
  12. I don't care how pretty Chevy or Toyota blues are I will NOT shroud my Mercury in it! :fuss:


    Gonna stick with Ford colors. :nice:
    Yeah, that would be pretty sweet. :scratch:
  13. How about Vista Blue?
  14. Sweet, sweet Jesus... I just discovered Kona blue... :drool:
  15. And Kona blue would be found where and on what ??
  16. [​IMG]
    if you need further help identifying you probably shouldnt be here
  17. Ohhhhh, it's on a "new car" I get it !