Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. lol yeah

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I voted Sonic in the other thread, but you might really want to check out Chevy Arrival Blue. I had a 03 Chevy truck that color and it is a sweet color for sure. You need to see it in person. It's similar to Sonic but a little lighter/brighter. Always kind of thought my 68 would look good that color. I think I'm going Legend Lime and black on it now though.
  4. OK, NO Chevy colors and NO Toyota colors.
  5. OK but what about Hyundai, can we please through some Hyundai or Kia blue's out for vote, pretty please? :p
  6. Kia does have a badass bright blue color! Do you know the name of that by chance?
  7. Nah, I want a Ford color.
  8. Well that's unfortunate, I only shoot House Of Kolor...

  9. Ok, let me rephrase...

    I don't want any other auto maker's paint on my car.
  10. A local 4eye has Ford Ranger Splash Blue on his 85GT and looks awesome.
    Just a thought as its blue and ford. LOL
  11. i just stumbled on this thread. its been awhile since ive been on stangnet.

    here comes some more motivation for ya, i repainted this last winter.

    the fastest this car has gone is 12.26 @ 115 my next upgrade would have made it fast enough to require a roll cage and i sure as hell didn't want to put one in this car

    so i found this car in a junk yard
    and put my motor in it.

    sorry to say i completely gutted the car and threw away most of the interior(ugly red).

    now the blue car is stuck with a piped down 347 and runs low 13's hell its still faster than a 2010 camaro

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  12. sweet. I wanna make a trip to Fargo next year to make some runs!
  13. Oh my... :drool:

  15. thats what color it is now :rolleyes:
  16. no pain in the behind

    i know dat. this way she saves money and she does not require and pain in the behind :nice:
    also black is hot :)
    not my fault you stay in phx region however. yes i have lived there.
    and yes my 83 black magic is matte black :)
    and as you can tell by my avatar i like black :)

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  17. Took me this long to muddle through this post and I'm still not sure I've got it right. :scratch:

    Black car in Phoenix... Ummmm, it's not any hotter inside than any other car I've baked myself in. :nice:

    ... and I usually give it a break during the summer anyway.
  18. I'm confused!^^^^^ Is it Frankenstang, Ravenswench, Wenchenstang....Frankenwench:crazy: Are there a pair of twins running around here I don't know about? wtf?
  19. .. and wtf are you?