Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. just confused. that's all.:)
  2. Dont be. Frankenstang=ravenswench= teh hotness lynn :drool:
  3. I was gonna ask why teh flip-flop, but maybe I should just stay under teh chair.....
  4. She changed it, the men of stangnet ****ed, Lynn, knowing her place as a woman, changed it back and made us sammiches in her rightful place of teh kitchen

  5. Oh, no you dih-ent!:hide:
  6. :lol: That's right!! :fuss:

    Wait... :(
    He can has teh special permissionz. :shrug:
  7. :chin:You know come to think about it...when I was in high school I dated a gal that had a really nice Capri RS,(Donna:drool:) But she was very moody and threatening!:runaway:
  8. Waaaaiiit a minute!!! ^^^^^Is this the Lynn you were talking about that I didn't know, that only comes around when some one wants to chop up a four eye???:D:D:D Where ya been Lynn? Howdeedoo!
  9. Ahhh, I'm around all the time, I just don't post every time I'm here.
  10. She comes around and swings the bant stick at me all the time, luckily she has terrible aim and has yet to smack me :)
  11. You know what they say....Hell hath no fury...
  12. yeah yeah, like a woman scorned, i'll make sure not to piss you off then
  13. I thought you liked those role playing games. :(
  14. :scratch:I tell you, sometimes I wonder about the boy....I think maybe gender identity issues.
  15. Never said i didnt :eyebrow:
    I wonder about your mental capacity sometimes, but im still quite sure you're a woman :p
  16. *sigh* I knew it. He don't know the difference in a innie and a outtie!:rolleyes:
  17. Those pics Justin had showed you have both :shrug: guess i'll call you hermie todd from now on :rlaugh:
  18. :sleep:weak. It's ok little buddy. I'll help you onto that short school bus!;)