Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. No we were looking at one on ebay but it ended up being waayyyy too expensive. Buying local FTW!
  2. what no new progress:shrug:? this has been years in the making, i'm getting anxious!!!
  3. :stupid:
  4. Yes, updates.....
  5. Sorry guys, still working on getting a front end. Parts are hard to come by and when they DO pop up, I'm usually broke. :cry:
  6. No luck on a front end. The red one in the jy has a tear in it. Might have to just settle for it, though. :(
  7. how big of a tear?

    I have used SEM Bumper Repair with great success


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  8. Some idiot cut a hole in the bumper and fed a tow strap through it. :nonono:
  9. I have yet to have time to go to the JY and get that front end and hood. :(
  10. Ok, so tomorrow were going to the junkyard to tear the front end and hood off the red Capri. Assuming it's still there.

    Please, let it be there. :(
  11. *keeps fingers crossed all night*
  12. Guess what?



    wait for it........

  13. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

    Everything we got cost under $135.00. :eek:

    Thank you, Aaron! :grouphug:
  14. Yes :nice:. Thats a sweet deal. I'm really looking forward to seeing this car transform back to a Capri. Congrats on the parts.
  15. Since you were unable to source a RS nose then I would go with your idea of putting the Saleen lower with the Capri upper :nice:
  16. Really need someone to explain how to convert the wiring from the Aero 3-wire 2-headlight setup to the four-eyed 5-wire/4-headlight setup.