Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. Why dont you go get the harness you need off the capri at the JY
  2. because that in all honesty would make too much sense.
  3. You need a 79-84 Mustang rear bumper cover. The molding will match the style of the molding that the Capri had stock, and it will have no words on it. It will also work well with the Mustang taillights. 80 Capri's never had bubble hatches so technically the car will be more correct with the hatch that is on it. Also, bubble-equipped Capri's had a different rear bumper with the taillights integrated. Being an 80, it is more correct to have the Mustang taillights on there anyway as far as styling goes.

    Here is the way early Capri's looked...which leads me to wonder why any modification was necessary to fit Mustang taillights??

  4. I would seriously just swap the whole headlight harness.
  5. Well, apparently the bulbs for the backup and turn signals were arranged differently on the early Mustangs and Capris, located more centrally instead of up toward the top of the lens housings. The holes in the sheetmetal of the body are different as a result (I guess to make room for the rear inward bulge of the housings, and so you can reach in and change the bulbs whenever they burn out), and Lynn's ex hacked up the rear sheetmetal to accommodate the '90 LX tail light housings, as shown nyaw:

    View attachment 261372

    Soooo ... as long as they don't crush that pre-'85 Mustang in the local 'yard anytime soon, we can probably just pull the bumper off that and chuck it on the Capri. And Lynn's got a set of early Capri lenses and housings on eBay she's trying to score, so that'll tie it all together. It'll never be a show-quality car, of course, but at least it won't look quite as cobbled-together as it presently does. :D
  6. It doesn't look cobbled together. :mad:

  7. Well, the 79-82 Mustangs also had the lights whose bulbs were located further out as well, so I guess that is the difference between the early cars and the 83+ Mustangs.
  8. :stupid: More "slapped" then "cobbled" :D

  9. not possible.. the harness is completely different from the 87+ cars. You can make whats there work pretty easily I think.
  10. :cry:
  11. There was a three peice wing at the local swap meet this weekend. Damn.
  12. I love this pic. :banana:
  13. Oh hell yea!!! :nice:
  14. :grouphug:

  15. "I'm gonna take his face ... off!" :D

  16. A 3 piece rear spoiler would be sweet. I always liked those on a Capri.
  17. Well, that and the Xenon airdam are going to be very difficult to track down.

    Frankie needses them. Yessssss, they are the precioussssessss....