Project "Fallen Hero"

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    Local Mustang enthusiasts unite to restore car in honor of fallen Special Forces Major Jeff Calero

    Boston – A team of local Mustang enthusiasts has united to restore the 1988 Ford Mustang GT, belonging to fallen U.S. Army, Special Forces Maj. Jeff Calero, as a mobile tribute to the Special Forces Major. Maj. Calero was killed in action by an IED October 29, 2007 while on a combat reconnaissance patrol in Kajaki, Afghanistan. He had planned to restore the car himself upon his return from active duty.

    The project was founded by Sgt. Fabio Falorni, of Methuen. Sgt. Falorni is a veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq. He is presently assigned to Reserve Duty at the Army National Guard Armory in Hudson, MA. He came across the Mustang belonging to Maj. Calero on October 29, 2008 while picking up supplies for his unit at the Army National Guard Amory in Springfield, MA.

    Sgt. Falorni saw the car sitting in a fenced in area behind the Armory. As a long time Mustang enthusiast, it piqued his curiosity as to why the car was there. When he inquired about it, he was told about how the car belonged to Maj. Calero who had been killed in action a year ago to that day. Upon Maj. Calero’s passing, the family did not know what to do with the car so it remained at the Springfield Armory where it had been parked since he deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. Sgt. Falorni was informed that Maj. Calero had often talked about his plans for the car upon his return from active duty. He was also told that the Commander of the Armory was looking to have the car towed away since the family didn’t claim it. Sgt. Falorni requested permission from the Commander and the Maj. Calero’s family to restore the car. He also reached out to his fellow Mustang enthusiasts to recruit their help in restoring the Mustang. After 10 anxious days of waiting, he was granted permission to come and pick up the car.

    Ed Yessaian, of Tewksbury and Carol Meyer, of Marlborough, amongst many other Mustang enthusiasts, responded to Sgt. Falorni‘s request for help. Together they formed the team that now leads the restoration project. Carol Meyer and Sgt. Falorni traveled to the Springfield Armory on November 16, 2008 to retrieve the car with her enclosed trailer. They met with Sfc. Ed Diaz at the Springfield Armory that day, who spoke fondly of his friend Maj. Calero and his “illogical devotion” to his Mustang. Sfc. Diaz expressed his and the family’s sincerest gratitude for the undertaking of the project. It is thru Sfc. Diaz that Sgt. Falorni was advised of the specific plans Maj. Calero had for restoring his car. As they pulled away from the Armory with Maj. Calero’s car safely secured in the trailer, Sfc. Diaz saluted them. Carol and Sgt. Falorni were both profoundly humbled by the magnitude of the project they were about to undertake.

    Maj. Calero’s Mustang was delivered to Sgt. Falorni’s home in Methuen, where the initial prep work was started. A planning meeting was quickly organized and plans were laid out with the help of Ed Yessaian, whose autobody restoration experience was tapped to help coordinate the work to be done on the car.

    To help promote the project, the team leaders, Sgt. Falorni, Ed Yessaian and Carol Meyer decided to enter the car as a display at the Town Fair Tire World of Wheels car show that is being held January 9 -11th at the Bayside Expo Center in Boston. The Mustang, in its unrestored condition, and the team will be on hand along with members of Maj. Calero’s unit to talk about the project and honor Maj. Calero for his service to his country. They will be selling t-shirts and wrist bands to help raise funds for the completion of the project.

    Donations are also being accepted thru Citizen’s Bank. Checks can be made payable to Project Fallen Hero. All proceeds will go to the restoration of the car with any remaining funds to be given to the Maj. Jeff Calero Scholarship Fund.

    We are also accepting parts donations for the project as well as looking for additional volunteers to help us complete the project. If you are able and can spare your time and expertise, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us thru our website at:

    Project: FALLEN HERO

    You can also monitor the progress of the car on our site. It will be updated on a regular basis as we work on the car and complete tasks. We will also have photos from the World of Wheels posted after the show. We hope to see you all there !!!
  2. This is totally awesome! Keep us posted
  3. Great story and I hope they are successful in raising enough money to complete the restoration. RIP Major Calero.

    I'll let one of the other moderators decide if this is sticky worthy, however. It's not really something that's specific to StangNet itself, but Chris (FastDriver) is an Iraq War Veteran himself, and he may feel differently.
  4. This is a great idea, thanks for the info on this project!:flag::nice:My brother is headed for Afghanistan next year, he'll be watching too!
  5. Well, I am personally involved in the project...and I'm a 5.0 mod.

    I'd like to stick it to the top of this forum temporarily to drum up some interest and support. I also linked it in my sig.

    My opinion, this car is a diamond in the rough. It's dirty, but after spending a day cleaning it up, the car is straight, rust-free and in pretty damn good shape for an '88. It was a southern car so that's why it's relatively rust free. It's definitely worth the money, time and work that will be put into it!
  6. Good deal Mike, that's why I left it for you guys to decide. It's a shame that Major Calero won't get to drive it, when it's completed. :(
  7. wow this is awesome. god bless you guys for doing this. this should totally be sticky'd. RIP Major Calero.

    5L5, if you guys are in need of an extra hand at any point let me know ill make the trip up and turn a wrench any time.

  8. We would welcome any help you can give. After the WOW show this weekend, the car is coming back to my garage for the removal of the motor and drive train. Once they are out of the car and the unnecessary holes in the engine bay are welded closed, it's off to the body team to complete the body work.

    I have a donated short block, heads, valve covers, replace the original motor with. I will be taking the short block apart to have the crank checked for balancing. While it is out for balancing I will put the new bearings and seals in the bottom end before it is machined and prepped for reassembly.

    We are looking for help with the tranny. It needs a serious going thru and rebuild. It's tired with 160k miles on it. I am no slush-o-matic expert, so I would gladly appreciate any help anyone can give with the tranny. If it had a T5 we would be golden because 5L5 can rebuild those in his sleep. We don't want to convert it because the car is going back to his parents who are elderly and have no desire to drive a stick car.:flag:
  9. If it weren't going back to his parents it would be neat to turn the car into a tribute type car, you know with the airbrushing etc. for shows etc. but what you are doing here is fantastic

  10. We are having his memorial embroidered in to the new head rests of the new interior. We are having the punisher insignia airbrushed in place of the 5.0 emblems on the front quarters.

    We are debating having the punisher airbrushed under the hood as well. But, that's down the road for later in the spring.
  11. awesome!~ :nice:
  12. Well, the car was on display at this weekends "World of Wheels" show in Boston

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  13. thats awesome.....what were the peoples reactions???
  14. Positive. At first people were like "why is this car in the show??" Once they learned the story however, they all thought it was a very good thing we were doing. Got donations, and many people promised their spare parts to mail later.

    The car also won an award. Best Restoration Project, 1985-1989. Chip Foose also gave the project his nod of approval :)

    Engine and Transmission are coming out this Saturday. The Interior may also come out as well
  15. Big Thank You !!!

    To all the volunteers and folks who stopped by to say hi and make a donation of money, parts, time or all three, we truly appreciate you. To all those we met who had not heard of the project prior to the show, please reach out to your friends and family members and let them know about it.

    We are looking forward to getting the resto work under way. Stay tuned for updates here and on our website at:

    Project: FALLEN HERO


  16. what kind of parts are you guys looking for? what are you doing to it? is it going to be built or just restored?
  17. This is truly an awesome project. Maybe there could be some kind of "parts needed" list. That way, those of us who would like to help or donate, know what to offer up to the project.
  18. Well, right off the top of my head, we need a 87-89 grey center console, but any clean 87-89 grey interior panels will do.

    The interior is dirty, so we are looking to clean it up as best as possible.

    Anything will do though. If we can't use it. It will be sold and the money raised will be used to buy other parts/services.
  19. hmmm, i dont have much for interior or stuff worth anything. but like i said i will come lend a hand whenever needed just let me know.