"Project FordStrokers 385 Pinks All Out" Norwalk OH

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  1. Im teaming up with FordStrokers.com to build an 8.2 deck 385 cubic inch shortblock for my 94 Cobra. Ive trusted Jim (Woody) in the past with another engine build and he delivered beyond expectations! With Woodys track record for building reliable horsepower I knew I couldnt go wrong teaming up with FordStrokers.....:king:

    Im a participant in the Pinks All Out event held in Norwalk OH this year on August 28-28. Our goal is to have the engine done, tuned, and have the whole car sorted out for this event so I can hopefully go some rounds at this event and show everybody what a little small block 8.2 block N/A engine can do!:D

    The combo will be as follows:

    Dart SHP 8.2 short block via FordStrokers
    Displacement isnt final yet but should be in the 385 cube range.
    4.155 x 3.550 - 385

    Trick Flow Twisted Wedge CNC 205 heads via TEA

    Custom TLSR (Tight Lash Solid Roller) Billet Cam

    Probe Shaft Mount Rockers

    Trick Flow "R" Box intake

    Accufab 90mm Throttle Body

    SCT 2800 - 90mm MAF

    Mac 1 3/4" Longtube Headers with 3" Collectors

    Dr. Gas 3" Off-Road X-Pipe

    Dynomax 3" Bullet Mufflers with 3" turndowns

    G-Force T-5 Transmission

    Pro-Motion Custom Clutch

    I'll update the thread as more details and pics become available and as progress is made on Project "FordStrokers 385 Pinks All Out" is made. The goals for the engine/car is to run bottom 10's N/A and maybe bust into the 9's here and there. Possibly some Nitrous in the future.:D

    Im very happy and thankful to be working with Woody @ FordStrokers on this project as he runs a top notch shop and puts out some big time Horsepower!

    Pics of the car:



  2. bad ass. this will be a fun one to follow
  3. I take it this will be another reason you can't bring it to carlisle? :D

    How steetable are you going to try to make it or are you just going to turn it into more of a dedicated track car?
  4. From what he's said on our local board, he is going this route to keep it a streetable car, as the setup he was previously building was going to be too much for what he wanted (running too fast of an E.T., needing a license, 10pt cage, safety gear, etc...not to mention driveability with a high power level). Should still be a beast.

    I was definitely eyein up the mexican 347 short block he had for sale locally, to the point of seeing about getting the money together, until I saw that it was a solid lifter setup, which is not what I want. Regardless, someone will be getting a very nice short block to build on.
  5. Looks like you'll be representing with that combo....:nice:
  6. LMAO!:rlaugh:
    Barring a huge mis-fortune I will be there with the car this year. Whats the dates for it again? June....?

    The car will never be 100% racecar as thats not what I want or even like.
    Can I drive it to Florida? Yes
    Will I? No as no a/c for that long trip would get old super fast!:rlaugh:

    Thanks for the support guys and hopefully some of you guys can make it out to Pinks All Out in Norwalk OH for this event on August 27-28
  7. Carlisle is June 4-6th.

    that's what i figured you would want. what size injectors are you planning on going with Rob?
  8. Im going to trade my 80's for a set of 60's and some cash.
    I already have a deal lined up on them with a buddy.

    I will be updating this as we have more info available and also pics as they come in.

    Thanks Guys

  9. Well hopefully any of you guys that live anywhere even close to Norwalk, OH can make this event and cheer a fellow Mustang Brother one......:D
  10. Only problem is at Pinks all out if they dont pick your time bracket no one will be cheering for you anyways.
  11. I hope you win :)
  12. It's looking like im going to need a 4.56-4.88 to get me in the right range for this build.

    Waiting to hear back from a few different people on some possible tranny options. Im considering:
    TKO 600

    Here's what i'll be using for my intake:



    Then my Accufab 90mm throttle body will be bolted onto that.....:D
  13. Well I joined up with Dave @ Team Z (Store Temporarily Closed for Maintenance) for some much needed suspension and rear-end pieces. If Team Z can help some of the fastest stock suspension cars in the country go quick then im sure we'll have no issues getting my project to hook.

    Also coming aboard to help with the Pinks All Out project car is Mike @ Wolfpack (www.Wolfpackspeed.com). His shop will be building a complete 8.8 and help with some of the welding and tuning of the suspension.

    Im very grateful to have Team Z & Wolfpack in my corner for this project. Im very confident in both of their shops parts and abilities. Big thanks go out to Dave & Mike for coming aboard!
  14. dave at team Z is awesome props to you!
  15. subscribing
  16. I had a friend way back in the day who ran a race shifted Top Loader. The car went 4/10s faster with the top loader over his C4. He paid $300 for the tranny, $500 for the race shift work, and $200 for the shifter. You can't even touch a TKO600 for that price. If it's basically a track car, I wouldn't waist the money on a 5th gear.

  17. G'luck at Norwalk this summer gmkillr; sounds like a nice project and goal. :cheers:
  18. Yes he is great to deal with! Best stock suspension guy in the country.

    I have looked into the toploader and they only come in 4 speed and you have to cut the tranny tunnel to run them. Just like the Liberty's....:shrug:
    Thanks though bud!:D

    Thanks alot bud!:nice:

    One of the pieces that will help this project along.....

    Team Z Extreme Duty Anti-Roll Bar

  19. Sorry for the dumb question but what does that bar do for you? Is it better than getting lca's and Uca's?
  20. A good Anti-Roll Bar when adjusted properly will help the car leave straight without binding the suspension and causing spinning, wheel-hop, unloading, etc...

    You still need good quality upper and lower control arms when using an ARB.