"Project FordStrokers 385 Pinks All Out" Norwalk OH

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  1. awesome.

    couple of questions ....

    i have a super and a junior victor, looking for the lowest profile elbow i can get to clear the fuel rails.

    what elbow are you using and how is the clearance? i have low profile valve covers so that shouldn't be an issue clearance wise with the throttle body

  2. The lowest profile one would either be the Aaarons elbows custom sheetmetal pieces or the lowest Edelbrock one.

    Im using the tall Edelbrock 3849 and it clears by a mile! I have 3/4" drop mounts and a 8.2 deck engine though too!

    Thats the problems with the low profile piece you run into clearence issues with the throttle body.
  3. how you makin out is it running ?
  4. Should be running either tommorow or this weekend by the latest!

    Tuning appt. at SGS is set and im about ready to rock!
  5. that's awesome Rob. any update pics?
  6. Peak hp was at 6800 and peak tq was at 5200
    Peak hp didnt fall off very much through the next 1000 rpm up to 7800

    There are some vacuum concerns that I need to get fixed.
    Im going to get them taken care of, put some time on the engine then probably re-dyno it.



  7. great numbers i bet it will make more with some break in time
  8. very nice Rob. How close are those numbers to your original thoughts?
  9. Im sure it will, but all im truely worried about are the numbers it runs at the track!:D

    Thanks bud! I was hoping to break 500 rwhp but wasnt able to as the cam I have is very small and probably to streetable for my combo....:shrug:

    Down the road after Pinks I might throw a big cam at it and see what she'll do!
  10. you are saying a cam that pulls to 7500 is small? i would love to see what you call a big cam lol
  11. You gotta remember that cars come from the factory nowadays that rev to 7000 all day long with 100,000 mile warranties....:shrug:

    Its be no means a small cam, its a descent size cam for a street car which idles and drives perfect.

    I could however put in a huge cam and make more power but throw all drivability out the window....:eek:

    Im not quite ready to take that step just yet......lol:nono:

    You coming to Norwalk bro?
  12. yes i'm going to try and make it out ,house is done , well its never really done lol .but i want to try and make it out.
  13. Cool!:nice:
    Hope to see you there along with many others from here and various other sites!

    Anybody that does end up going to Pinks All Out in Norwalk please feel free to stop by our pit area and say Hi and introduce yourself!:D
  14. Man why yall gotta be so far away.....
  15. i think its a little too far for me this late in the game but who knows. what time does it start? we're roughly 7 hours away.
  16. It starts at 9am on Saturday Aug. 28th and goes till whenever.

    Please feel free to drop by our camp/pit area if you can make it!
  17. sounds awesome Rob. how's the breakin coming along?
  18. Thanks man!

    I will be making some shake-down passes this Saturday the 24th at my local 1/8 mile track to see what she's gonna do.

    Wish me luck!:D
  19. Don't forget videos?