"Project FordStrokers 385 Pinks All Out" Norwalk OH

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  1. well how did yo do today ?
  2. Lots of work ahead of me and I will gladly take any and all suggestions!
    I have a few clutch and tuning issues to work out with the car before it starts to run respectable.

    YouTube - gmkillr 1/8 mile shakedown run

  3. sounds FREAKIN AWSOME , what was the 2 step set at? it sounded like it could use some more rpm on the launch ?? and why cant you flat shift it? or does the clutch need more breakin miles? i see alot of potential once you get it worked out
  4. 2-step was at 6k.....:)
    Car was not spinning....:D

    My foot was buried through the firewall on each shift so the hesitation your hearing is a tuning issue or a clutch issue. I got alot more testing to do to get it figured out. There a ton more left in the car. With 3 crappy shakedown passes in the 98 degree heat the best I could manage was 7.36 @ 97mph w/ a 1.59 60'

    Lots more to come!
  5. oh i know how you shift ,i could just hear someting with each shift ???? can you try a launch with out the 2 step ? and it sounds like it would like some more gear .
  6. Got my computer and sct chip pulled, taking it to my tuner tommorow and hopefully we can see whats up in the next few days with the car.
  7. bada$$ Rob! was the clutch slipping or just some hesitation between gears?
  8. Ran the car today at Quaker City Raceway!

    The Negative............

    Brand New MSD Pro-Billt Distributor........ did not cure the problem.

    Hooked up & tried another MSD 6AL Box (cam303's)...did not cure the problem.

    Tried short shifting the car at 6500 rpm.....did not cure the problem.

    2-Step completely disconnected.....did not cure the problem.

    The Positive......................

    The car hooked very well on a completely un-prepped track that nobody seemed to be hooking on but me.....which I believe attests to the work Wolfpack did helping me set-up the Team Z suspension. A combination of great parts & knowledge helped the car immensly! I managed the following 60' times:
    I feel on a well prepped track that the car could do some 1.43-1.45 60' times

    The car pulls like an absolute freight train up until the hesitation at each shift.
    Fordstrokers built me an absolute missle of an engine!

    11.22 @ 121.63
    And I have a handful of 11.30 slips @ 121-123

    Wolfpack Speed is burning me a new chip with a few improvements in it that could possibly help with the hesitation issues during the shifts. I should be out next weekend testing it. More news to follow............
  9. if you dont get it figured out soon i have a demon 750 that i know wil fix your problem ...
  10. Sorry all I have for now are these crappy cell phone pics while its sitting in the garage.......

  11. Nice man :nice:
  12. Don't think I will make it... Good Luck.
  13. He is still there but not in the class chosen.......:mad:
  14. Bet that was a blast!!