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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Fredmatic, Oct 5, 2012.

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  2. GEO is the man, yes he is.
  3. Well then Good for you! ,.... I think we all need a man like Geo to do all of the work that we can let our wallets' take credit for later.:nice:

    Seriously, How does any D.I.Yer on here take anything away from an assortment of progress pics done by a professional in a shop?
  4. I'm not sure what specifically you are asking . Please elaborate
  5. The stock K member was modified slightly years back. Revised a couple of pick up points, so were keeping it. Also, car will see some open track duty, and I'm a proponent for the rigidity of the stock Ke member for that prurpose, and not incuring more loads on the strut towers with a coil over set up.
  6. It's all gotta get done one way or another, regardless of who does it. :shrug:
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  7. Wouldn't have said anything if that was all it was about Collin. It's been hashed over on here before.
    There is a significant difference between the two.

    Point :

    "I did this (insert whatever solution you choose here) to my car over the weekend,...I did it this way, all I had to do was ........ I think it turned out pretty well,....What do you guys think"?

    "I paid my guy to do this thing for me, here is a pic, I think it turned out pretty well, what do you guys think"?

    Which one do you get anything out of? :shrug:

    And I get that there are those that lack the talent or time to do it their selves......But why show a pic if you cant take credit for the work? And how do you take credit for it when you all you do is write a check?
  8. I see your point. Carry on. ;)
  9. Frankly, each picture entails more background editorial than what gets posted on the internet. We have nearly 400 documented photographs so far. Project Fury II is a part of my daily responsibilities, but it's not the only thing in my life. I have a business, a wife and family, and it's a balancing act. I'm sure it's similar with some of you fellow enthusiasts.

    If you want to know how something was done on any particular step, just ask if it's not outlined in detail.

    If there is any confusion as to who is all involved with this project, and at what levels and tasks they've performed, the channels are open to communicate with all parties. I've never led anyone to believe, nor ignored credit where credit is due in this build.

    As far as my own talents, abilities, and Mustang hands on experience, ask guys like Mike Raburn, 'Wild' Bill Devine, Steve Turner, Chris Jones, Joe Amato, or anyone elese that's been involved in the Ford aftermarket for the past 20 years.

    Fred Mills III
  10. I see you kept the a/c but deleted the heater core you have any pics of how you got the old a/c evap out?
  11. I'll look through them tonight, and see what I find. It want too tough once the assembly was out of the car and on the bench.
  12. Yeah i got mine as far as apart to the evap but couldnt figure out how to take it apart
  13. You have to cut the abs plastic cover on top of the actual HVAC case off, with a sawzall.
    Then you put it back together after R&R'ng the guts. You cut in between the border lines of the shape on top of the evaporator.
    We used attaching screws, one in the front,and one in the rear, to act as a tack weld.
    Then use hot glue to fill in the space in the plastic where the air saw is used to seal everything back up.
  14. Bump. Any more updates?? Nice build
  15. Interior progress
    Very happy with the prep & dye outcome. New material and process has resulted in a good finish, and light sheen.
    Working on the rear quarter panel liners now, speaker grilles, and the headliner.
    Door panels are in rough shape, so we opted for new ones from the guys at Late Model Resto
    The old: Water damage and warpage.
    Even the door panel pads are dismal. Custom work commencing
  16. Also motor has been gone through and wrapped up until time to install

  17. More trim work, prep and dye
    Thats a lot of black!