Project Hawaiian 5.0 Progress

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  1. When I was doing my 5 lug swap I had a friend lazer cut some ball joint spacers out of 3/8 steel 1 1/2 with a 5/8 hole.They worked perfect I think it's better than a stack of washers. If anyone needs some he's getting $12.00pr + shipping I have them in the classifieds.

  2. what brake bracket are you running in the rear?
  3. I got them off of E-bay last year and I dont remember the place.I was worried they wouldn't fit well but they worked out great.If I can find out the name of the seller I'll post it.
  4. Wheels came today! :D

  5. :drool: Get some tires mounted already!!!!
  6. Nice progress so far. Thats my favorite hood for fox's too.
  7. Picked up the tires,T-5 rebuild kit,clutch,GT40 heads,E303 cam,70mm T.B.&egr spacer,70mm maf,Cobra master/booster,BBk long tubes,Hpipe. That should keep me going this weekend.
  8. what r the tire specs!? ur making me want to run out and get some fr500s! I been wanting a set of OEM 04 chrome cobras or some 500s, but didnt want to do the 500s unless they were deepdish, but then again the clearance issues are a pain in the ass to deal with. ID rather not deal with them...
  9. 245/40/17 BFG Sports front 275/40/17 BFG sports rear on 17x9 FR500's from LRS.
  10. Took a few pic's when I pushed the car outside so I would have some room to rebuild the T-5.

  11. Just an opinion - you should lower it and it'll be a done deal, on the other hand having the suspension sit where its at is probably alot better for daily driving. Never been to hawaii though, how bad could the roads be?
  12. lol the snowmobile in the one pic might be a good hint he's not in Hawaii
  13. looks good
  14. nice fox where in illinois are you im about an hour south of chicago
  15. Nice work!
  16. thread from the dead
  17. I lowered it a bit with the Motorsport B springs. Cobra912 is right i'm not in Hawaii i'm in IL up by the Wisconsin border. The car came from Hawaii three years ago when my friend got out of the Marines.