Project -- It's about time -- 89gt

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  1. My name is Jonathan. (good friend of 5.0Droptops)

    I have had several project mustangs over the last few years but I always seemed to get offers for them that I cant refuse so needless to say I sold them.

    I have been looking for a solid 25th annv. sunroof 5.0 5sp gt for a long time. I ran across this one and the price was right so I bought it.

    So here is my 25th annv. 89 gt factory 5.0 5 spd sunroof car. It was a decent driver about 2 mos ago. Then I decided to do a small project, that turned into a huge project.

    I recently bought an 88 roller that had nice mods: tubular front suspension built rear, coil overs.5lug swap....etc etc...... I decided to swap all that over to my 89 and put all my stock parts on the 88 and sell the 88.

    Then I decided to paint the 89 so I pulled the engine and trans and have been degreaseing and cleaning the car prepping it for paint.

    Heres a few pics to start the thread.

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  2. hell yeah man youll love that k setup!!! more pics or your a bad person or something.... lol
  3. Hurry up and get the 88 done so we can get down to business on the 89!!
  4. hey i think you need a new front bumper
  5. HAha... he has a nice oem one to replace it.
  6. looks like a good project. keep us updated
  7. That's what I like to see. Dive right into that ****! :nice:
  8. nice man! that thing has definite potential, keep the pics and progress coming :nice:
  9. keep the progress pics coming :nice:
  10. Thanks, i need all the encouragement i can get. Ill keep the pics coming. Im painting the Enginebay today. Nothing fancy but hopefully ill have some pics up soon.
  11. you should get one of those mr.body kit front bumpers. lol :D
  12. very nice, dont waste anytime I like that.
  13. Nope, when he decided to take it apart he didnt wait.
  14. Dude, you totally took Bobby's ( Faster than your first sexual experience ) line Shawn.
  15. LOL :shrug:
  16. Bobby said he's pissed at you!!!!!!!!!! J/J He said you need to find something thats faster than your first sexual experience!! lol
  17. drop top doesnt have any friends silly,

    nice work looks like you have all the right stuff there cheif
  18. Some times I wonder.................
  19. Ill take the Ford emblem off the wrecked GT front bumper if your just gonna throw it away :)

    I been looking for one lol