Project -- It's about time -- 89gt

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  1. Little advice about that carpet, let it sit somewhere for as long as possible before installing it, and since i know its cold there find some way to get it hot before you install it, it will make life so much easier when you try and fit that carpet to the car since it isnt the most pliable stuff on the planet and when its warm you have an easier time getting it to stick the the spray adhesive
  2. I welded in bolts on the sway bar bracket, so now the sway bar is attached with nuts.
  3. Thats exactly what i did, I welded in stainless 3/8 bolts so now i attach the sway bar from the bottom with nuts.
  4. Thanks Guy, I need all the advice i can get.....I didnt know all that.I also didnt know to use spray adhesive.Makes sense though.:shrug:
  5. this is quite a delicious project you have going here sir. keep up the good work.
  6. Yeah spray adhesive will help get all the wrinkles out when you install it and keep it from sliding around, and remember, DONT trim he carpet more times than not the carpet is too short anyhow, just fold the edges at where it meets the interiors pieces then if you need to go back later and trim it once everything has settled in
  7. Well............ I need motivation!
    I have to sand down a rear GT bumper that has been painted atleast 4 different times and is cracking horribly.:notnice:
    I have to cut out the two rusted areas and weld in new metal.:nonono:
    And i have to sand the front Gt bumper.Which isnt in that bad of shape.
    Im just not Motivated for some reason.:shrug:
  8. get busy fool!
  9. here is some motivation CHOP CHOP i wanna see this thing done ha ha makin good progress man keep it up!!
  10. Thanks man!!!:nice:
  11. Well, I just got my first SN95 yesterday. Its a black 94 GT. Daily driver till i get my 89 put together! woooohooooo!!!!
  12. WOO HOO!!! NOW...PIX OR :ban:
  13. rides gonna be nice man, i know how you feel about being motivated, im having a hard time putting away 80% of my check away every week to fund the engine when ive gotten so used to going out every night
  14. WTH?? Any updates?
  15. He is working on other jobs to make $ to fund the 89
  16. Bobbystang and i are taking a Superclean 87 4cyl notch and converting it to a 5.0. for a customer.Rear end, gas lines, tubular k-member, 5-lug, smoothing out his enginebay, full exhaust, subframe connectors, tourque box plates, coil overs............etc.etc.

    BIG JOB!!!!! Hopefully this will get my car closer when were done!
  17. this BIG JOB should get both of our cars really close. probably both of mine!!:nice:
  18. :cheers:
  19. Its 1:30 in the morning and we are tired. Bobbystang is about to clear the engine bay on the Notch we have been building for a customer.Just letting you guys know. Peace