project notch rocket 89 coupe

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  1. hey guys im new to the forum , i have been a member of other ones but like how it goes here so i figured i would post up my project i have been build ing for the last 4-5 months i have the car almost a year but didnt do much much at first because my daughter was born 7 months ago keep in mind this a budget car

    the day i brought it home 4cyl automatic

    4cyl and auto gone

    death to the porno red and 5 speed swap

    headliner redone in black

    new carpet in and dash and all going back in




    car rollin again with 8.8 in gt rear springs , 410s, lakewood 50/50s, southside lca, dble adj upper

    engine bay cleaned up and quick coat of paint till i paint the car over the winter it will all be filled in

    put the wheels on and tried the hood on


    finally got the car out of the cold and dropped in the motor and tranny
    90 stock bottem end re ringed and bearings
    e 303 cam
    gt 40 irons froma 95 cobra home ported
    eddy performer rpm intake
    700 holley dp





    clip of it idling

    View attachment 322786

    pic of the old 4cyl junk

    89 gt spindles , new rack and tie rods, stange 10 way struts, all new rubber hoses

    car setting back down again 4cyl springs one coil cut

    need to update some engine pics, went with 3g alternator and mark8 fan
    took it out ont the road for the first time seems nice

    i will update over the weekend thanks guys and like to hear your feedback
  2. Welcome, looks like a nice project and I'm glad you saved a 4cyl Mustang from possible doom.:nice:
  3. Looking good man :nice:
  4. Dude, WHOA, you got a lot done in little time. Keep going man, enjoy the summer it is coming fast. Keep us posted!
  5. thanks guys its starting to come along ill keep you posted i wanna see some more of hack job too
  6. lookin good man
  7. project notch rocket update

    not a huge update finally got the drive the car. took it to have it ligned up and inspected. some motor shots it still needs cleaned up , put the hood on now ill start on the body and finish up the odd and interior stuff



    gonna put some new trim on and clean the mirrors what a mess i found behind them


    View attachment 321945

    ill keep u posted
  8. That Looks awfully familiar
  9. Good thing you found that mess behine the moldings. Everytime you washed the car, that crap would come out and ruin your wash job. You should have seen the load of pine needles behind my car and under the hood.
  10. Looks nice, specs on the motor?
  11. sorry guys havent been on in a while, i broke my ankle during summer and didnt get much done on the car so now im back to working on it

    the specs on the motor are:
    90 stock bottem end new rings and bearings
    95 cobra gt40 iron heads home ported
    trick flow valve spring upgrade
    e303 cam
    eddy performer rpm intake
    holley 650 double pumper

    i got to run it once last year at the track, no tune and on nitto drag radials
    went 13.1 @107.5mph with a 1.99 60ft so theres alot left
    im switching to longtubes and going to t5z trans and aluminum driveshaft
    also installing sub frame connectors, reinforcing the torque boxes, and changing up the rear suspension . my goal is to run high 11s on the motor and it can be done

    i will also be painting the car , over the winter so stay tuned guys

    glad to be back
  12. hey adminstrators can you make this a sticky i have two progress threads i want to update them can you combine them?
  13. Wow i didn't see this!! Nice work man!!! :nice:

    I just finished my swap a month or two ago! :nice:
  14. nice project, great progression of work. nice to see another one saved.:nice:
  15. thanks guys stay tuned for updates and pics
  16. Looks good man. Get healed up and keep that project moving!
  17. wow nice work. after looking at the pics i realize I want some nitto DR's too
  18. Is that coil wire going to make it once you start driving? Looks awfully tight to me.
    Other than that, nice work :nice:
  19. nice to see another notch saved