Project Phoenix (94 Cobra)

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  1. you are going to clay the pistons and check for PTV clearance right ?
  2. What a difference the black carpet made by looking at the pics....nothing like putting some blood sweat and tears into your own gives that extra feeling of pride....

    Is that the original or aftermarket HB?
  3. I'm going to paint the engine block black gotta work on wire wheeling it clean now.

    I won't be checking this for PTV clearance, this is a very tiny cam designed specifically for a stock GT40 setup which is what I have.

    The black carpet does look alot better thanks!
    HB? :shrug:

    I will try and get another update posted after I do some work soon, going to install a new top on a friends 96 vert today. :O
  4. It is a aftermarket one, I can't recall the name off hand thou.

    I wire wheeled all the accessories today, and also cut down the bracket that has the alternator on it by snipping off the bits for the smog pump. Will get some pics up sometime after tomorrow when I go back to do more work. :)
  5. Had to take a step backwards sadly. Had a stuck intake bolt that I've been unable to remove, so today I took the heads off the motor and took the head to the machine shop. The guys at the machine shop aren't sure they can fix it but I will know by tomorrow. Hopefully it will be fixable since I'd rather not buy another head.


    If the heads are salvageable I am going to have them rebuilt and a valve job done just to freshen them up.

    The cylinders and pistons look to be in good shape, still has crosshatching on the cylinder walls.

    Also been working on all the frontend stuff., most of it is painted now.
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    Also cut down my alternator bracket, no need for the smog pump bracket anymore.

    Hopefully I can get the motor put back together this weekend or next week so I can get on to working on the engine bay which could use some attention.
  6. they should be able to extract it. if not they can always drill it out and helicoli it i would think.
  7. dude I never knew you were doing all this, that's f'ing awesome, I'm jealous!
  8. I have a thread going on RKC too. :nice:

    I really hope so. I don't want to track down another set of heads, and it is really hard to justify spending money on stock heads when aftermarket heads tend to be a lot better. (Plus I have a cam that matches my stock heads so It kind of irks me to change heads and never even use that cam...)

    I've yet to get a call all day and I'm dreading a bad phone call at this point.... :notnice:
  9. I got the heads back last week, but I had to wait on some headgaskets to get shipped out.
    They look all shiny and new now, I ended up having them rebuilt for good measure. The 1 hole that was a problem is only slightly buggered up but I plan to put some studs in and it will no longer be a issue at all.

    Cleaned up the pistons, head gasket surface, and the cylinders also.

    If all goes well tomorrow I will have the heads and waterpump/timing cover done and by sunday the motor will be back together completely!
  10. Front brackets and accessories are on now.

    Still need intake, but have to order new bolts or studs and wait for it to get back from powdercoater.
    Still need oil pan, but I am going to wait until I can change the rear main seal and it needs paint also.
    Still need motor mounts, but I've misplaced the bolts trip to hardware store is in order.


    Been pecking away at the engine bay too which I plan to paint. More this weekend hopefully.
  11. What did you use to cut the Alternator/Smog pump bracket?

    I was going to remove mine and do the same thing you did but not sure what to use to get a clean cut.

    Thanks, Purevenm
  12. Nice work man, its coming along.
  13. Sawzall. The brackets are aluminum very light and very soft metal. Just line it up best you can and go for it, try and not cut off too much. :D
  14. what did you use to clean the pistons?
  15. looks great, lovin these SN builds!
  16. That looks awesome! I love being able to follow a project from start to finish. Hopefully I'll be able to start some real work on my Cobra early next year.
  17. looks good now get back to work ...
  18. Been awhile since I've done a update.

    The motor has come along a little, almost complete. Mostly waiting on my powder coater to get me my Valve Covers and upper intake now.

    Spent some time sorting out which harnesses I want to use. (I have 2 sets) And started cleaning/cutting up the one I wanted to use plan to put some new loom on the engine harness since it was kinda dry rotted and covered in oil.

    Been working on the engine bay, I already have the paint just need to get the body work part out of the way. Here is a before and where I am at now more or less.
    Hopefully I can get the engine bay knocked out in a timely manner... :shrug:
  19. Most of the sanding is done, tomorrow I will be doing the filler and finish sanding a few spots.

    Went ahead and took the fenders/bumper off so I can work easier, planning to hide some wires anyhow so guess I needed to be done...