Project Phoenix (94 Cobra)

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  1. coming along nicely. i wish i would have done this when i put in my 331....
  2. Car use to have hood pins I wanted to change it back to stock so I had do some welding work. I should be able to get the rubber adjusters in there now.

    Had a decent size dent/crease here that my friend was able to get looking really good.



    Pretty good week got a good bit of work done. Tomorrow I will get the transmission on the engine and get the harnesses put back together. Going to give the engine bay a few days to cure and possibly wetsand it if it needs it, sort of hard to tell at this time since when I left it was still very soft.
  3. wow looks really good, cant wait to see the end result. Good job!
  4. awesome man - I can't wait until I have time to do this to my 1993... well, the time and the effort!
  5. I am still working on the car these days.

    The engine/transmission are now in the car, took me a few days to sort out a issue with the transmission mount, but I ended up finding the missing piece and everything is in and looks good.


    Only thing missing from that pic is the upper intake which is freshly powder coated and looks sick (will bolt it on once I get the injector harness sorted out), and my new valve covers which I still don't have back yet. :(

    Next big thing is going to be getting the wiring sorted out, I'm also re-looming some sections, re-taping a lot of stuff and hiding/extending some wires.
  6. Still working on this, seems like the last little bits are slowing me down.
    Car now has all the wiring harnesses on but not all plugged in and some still need to be extended.

    I moved the fuse block to where it will be hidden in the fender, and I've spent a good deal of my time hiding wires and running everything so it is hidden or out of site within the stock length of the harness, except for a few.
    My last few WTF are the...
    Coolant hoses. (I want to get rid of the metal coolant line near the intake but still need to maintain coolant temp sensor somehow.)
    Vacuum lines (Want to hide them better then stock, but I have to track down all the different sizes and where they go plus hid the tree somewhere.)
    Alternator (Mine seems to have died when I took it apart to paint it.)

  7. Metal coolant lines go to the heater core. might need that...
    Vac lines... i ran the hvac through the interior
    the rest of the vac lines dont look bad in the stock locations just tuck them a little

    Looking good
  8. You have now reached the hardest damn part....
  9. Been awhile since I've done a update, the car is almost ready to start. (Seems like I've been saying that for awhile now...)

    Here is the pic of the engine bay now, most everything has been hid or routed as cleanly as possible.

    Only issues I currently have is locating the plastic fuel clip for the return line. (Have one coming in the mail which I am hoping is correct.)

    And the starter will not work via the key, I have to bypass everything and hit the starter relay and it turns over just fine. (Gonna do some research about this probably make another thread.)
  10. :flag:

    You've motivated me to do the same progress thread on my 93. I just stopped by a garage today and I'll have my own thread going before too long. Hope to hear yours running soon - it sure is hard not to rush the final steps on a project that takes so long. Fire it up!
  11. Cool good luck. :D This thread helps give me some much needed motivation by seeing how far I've come along. Great for when I hit some hard times on the project.

    Hopefully it will do the same for you. :nice:
  12. Finally got the fuel clip I needed. So I was able to start the car and run it for a bit, ended up having a leak because the thermostat wasn't in right. (It slid down, what I get for rushing installing it.)

    So today I was able to pick up another t-stat gasket and run it longer. Got the timing set @ 14 degrees and the car starts up first time every time no problem, idles great at 800~ rpm with a nice little lope.

    Only problem I found today was the heater core is bad and won't hold any pressure, so I had to bypass it. :(

    Not sure if I will try and drive it next time I work on it, may redo the brakes before I drive it. Also still working on a issue with starting the car via key (it won't), got a few other small issues to work out before I drive it but nothing too serious.
  13. getting there!
  14. Actually got to drive it. :D Need to get a update posted, but spending all weekend R&Ring transmission on a 96 GT, and rebuilding the entire front suspension on it the too.

    Hopefully Tuesday my body work friend can help me get the fenders/hood/bumper on and lined up strait so I can go get it inspected. :D
  15. Been awhile since the last update. Today I finally got the car out of the storage and to the muffler shop. Then spent the rest of the day cruising around trying to get the clutch broke in.

    Yes it is the A typical Mustang exhaust. Longtubes, H-pipe, 1 chamber flows and turn downs. My previous cars have always been pretty mild when it came to exhaust so I wanted to give something a bit louder a try since this isn't a daily.

    Car is still rough around the edges with some stuff that needs to be fixed here and there but is pretty much street worthy at this point.
  16. :nice: Thats awesome good to see it running now. Hows it go?
  17. Tried to get the car aligned Wednesday only to find out that the camber plates where "maxed out" this was a little odd but I just assumed it was because the car was so low and they where only 3 bolt plates. Turns out the camber plates that where on the car where installed a bit wrong, think they where backwards/upside down. I went ahead and picked up some MM 4 bolt plates and got it aligned today it drives so much better. Great thing is when the car was put up on the rack the camber/caster was near perfect how we set it up in my garage, just needed toe dialed in.

    Still have one wiring issue to figure out, my windshield wipers and windshield sprayer aren't working. I'm going to have to track down the wiring diagram, hopefully I don't get rained on before I get this fixed. I tried swapping out the switch with a extra one I had but it didn't help any.
  18. nice, love the "black on black" look, would do that to mine but Id be more of "faded black on black" which isnt so great, haha
  19. good job
    looks great:nice:
  20. did you ever get your new valve covers on?

    Car looks good. Nice job!