Project Phoenix (94 Cobra)

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  1. What's your suspension setup on that thing? I love the stance, but would hate to kill my ride quality
  2. I have them sitting out at the shop ready to go with a 1" spacer and all, they came out awesome black/silver. But the more I think about it rather than having a intake spacer on there I'd rather just have a Nitrous plate. :D So I'm keeping my eye out for a deal on one and trying to hold off on installing them. :p

    When you start getting lower then stock you can slowly kiss your ride quality goodbye for the most part. This car has almost no body roll and is incredibly stiff. Pretty sure it is Eibach Pro Springs (drop at least 2" if not a little more), Upgraded steeda sway bars, and aftermarket shocks that seem to be in good shape/match springs, I still have a strut tower bar to put on but I'm waiting until I take the intake off for the previously mentioned valve covers. :p

    The best advice I can give you for lowering a Stang that is a daily (mine isn't thankfully) is to get around a 1.5-1.8~ drop and get shocks that are valved to match the springs. (Meaning a stock replacement isn't such a hot idea.) IMO the worst lowered Mustangs I've ridden in are always the ones that are slammed with stock or worn out shocks, typically you find them just bouncing down the road.

    EDIT: Also fixed wipers/pump turns out the relay box under dash was just unplugged.
  3. Figured I'd post a update since I'm planning some more work soon. Few pics....:D
    I'm sure someone will ask the track times I've been able to cut, and nothing really special. Just a 8.9 with a 2.1 60ft at around 83 MPH. For those who don't speak 1/8th around a high 13, have to forgive me 1/8th racing is huge here in DFW considering we have around 5 1/8th tracks.

    Been driving/racing the car for a few HOT months now. Car has been really good to me other then burning oil and the a/c not working. (Charged it but it all leaked out a bad O-ring.)

    So this week I ordered a Leak Down Tester, a new a/c dryer, and a o-ring kit. Planning to yank the valve covers and see if I can figure out anything in regards to the oil the car is burning. About half a quart for every tank of gas, which should scare me more then it does but the car is running such strong MPH at the track I'm not sure what to think so I have just been watching the level closely.

    Living in Texas the a/c is pretty high on my list (it hasn't been a cool summer either), luckily this isn't my daily so it isn't all the time.

    Other then that the car stalls a bit at idle possibly due to cam, but it may also be a issue with how I routed all my vacuum lines and not using the vac reservoir correctly. (Plan to check on this.)

    For the most part I've just been trying to enjoy the car rather than sweat the few small issues. Anyhow I'll plan to post some more pics when I tear into it soon so thought I'd throw out a update first. :)
  4. You've done a great job with the car. Doesnt seem like it was that long ago that you started it all.