Progress Thread Project PMOR: 97 Saleen S281 #19 build


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Jun 10, 2003
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Happy New Year everyone!

I have been slacking really bad and I do apologize.

@95steedamustang do you have any fingers left? :rlaugh:

So its the front fascias turn to get some love. If I remember right to just strip it the gel coat off was ~12hrs. I did have a request and an odd one at that for Kevin when he worked on this bumper and that was to leave the "beauty" marks on this front fascia. If you look at where the corner of the head light will go towards the center of the bumper you will see a small "rib", that is most likely left there from when it was pulled from the mold. This is the first and only front fascia from Saleen that I have seen where this was still there. Typically it is smooth and because of the unique nature, I wanted those left intact. It actually has those in a few other spots as well and Kevin agreed that with it being so unique we'd preserve them. He did eventually get all the gel coat off and was able to get it into epoxy primer after a few days. Once this was completed the next step would be to go through and do another round of blocking of the whole car and line everything up. Once the body gets its last round of primer on it, it will get put away for a while to cure before it gets checked over for shrinkage and any little imperfections corrected before paint.

Before we get that far though, next up is finishing up the engine bay. That will be the next update.

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