Project Short-Lived Stallion in Progress

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  1. well Since i havent had alot to do, in between semisters, i decided to work on my n/a nitrous project "Short Lived-Stallion". Those who have been following my post know, i started with the usual prep on nitrous....autolite 103's (i believe either 2-3 ranges colder gaped at .35) and that was it! I rigged up the 50hp shot and was amazed :crazy: how much a differnce it made! so, the next Just in Case mod ,didnt want to lean out becuase of a stock fuel pump. So i morning i decided to drop in my 255lph fuel pump, the strapped on the 125hp shot, Pretty Dang FAST (comming from someone who has never driven a 5speed FAST car). i also retarded the timing to 8* for the 125hp shot. I felt it falling off at the top end of 3rd gear, i think it was partialy due to getting low on Nitrous, i also come to find that the last time i put in the 125hp pills i had wiggled the top of my intake out of the rubber connector on the elbow. i think that is what i was feeling when it would go then stop at higher rpm's, i think the t/b was pulling air through that opend rubber, instead of my nitrous fog! WELL OK, I was happy to find that ;) well getting home tonight i'm thinking of trying out the 150 or the 175hp shot, just too see how it goes....i hope my motor doesnt get :owned: . after the first few shots, i would say i think my motor is running BETTER, than before the nitrous, seems to pull more even through the ranges (without nitrous) than it did before, wich is strange ! Well, if my motor keeps up with the abuse, hopefully ill get some footage of a quick race between my nitrous stang and my buddies stang (eithers the 5.0 or the v6)...guess we will see how tough this motor really is!
  2. I think it will hold up. The 2.3 is a little tank.
  3. enjoying this, keep us posted.
  4. If I recall correctly, the MM&FF "project white trash" where they tried to blow up an NA with nitrous, they went up to a 175 shot. They ended up destroying the spark plugs, and broke a few ring lands. That is really amazing when you think about it.... that is like spraying a 5.0 with a 375 shot. :eek:
  5. I'm gonna get my tank filled today, im kinda scared of the 150hp shot which i have it jetted for now, i really dont want to blow my motor! ....or do i :shrug:
  6. could you PLEASE have someone sit in the back seat and record the speedometer and senery you are spraying. I want to see what a 150 shot looks like. :D
  7. how many miles are on your motor and what year is your car?? can you give me all the info like what kind of spark plugs and where to get them?? thanks.
  8. ive got 183,000 miles on it, im using autolite #103's , picked them up at kragen.... if u go to get them, u have to ask for them, cuz they are not stock replacement part for a 2.3. I am using a Nitrous Works WET fogger kit (very generic, fits anything) its adjustable from 50-175hp shots. My stang is as listed in my signature. Its a 1987 lx hatch back 5 speed. If you are going to spray your daily driver, i wouldnt suggest over a 80hp shot on a stock fuel pump. I put in a 255lph fuel pump before i went higher than 80hp. pump cost me 100 bux shipped , took me bout 2 hrs to install using basic tools and no previous exspericnce! Total cost so far is as follows
    2.3 mustang, free...i love graduating!
    used nitrous kit with Wide open throttle switch =245$ shipped
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump =100$ shipped
    Nitrous Fill on a 10lb bottle =28$

    I will get footage of the 150hp shot, but i think it wont be for a few weeks, as i want my turbo motor ready for a swap .....just in case! I think she will hold though, shes been tough for so long!