Progress Thread Project Sloth - It Barely Makes Any Progress

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  1. Funny you always here about the big HP or show car awards to back up the quality of work from the customers. But never here them complain about how long it took to complete, when everything comes back top notch.

    I run a small race engine building business on the side, I keep it small to maintain the quality but most jobs take longer then expected to be done right...I do try my best to keep my customer in the loop on progress though. My moto is "if it was mine how would I build it".

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  2. Cut the dipstick, or the dipstick tube? What exactly is the correct measurement anyway?
  3. I remember you mentioning you were coming home, but forgot if it was for good or not. Either way, glad to hear there is still interest in the car.
  4. What???? :shrug: There'll still be interest in the car until you get a new job?
  5. Good luck with the car. Sadly I have only put 2 tanks through mine this year .
  6. Sucks about Rick jerking you around. The only person I know personally that got a engine from him had a real bad experience. Might of been for the best. Are you going to leave it alone for now then and just enjoy it?
  7. Ouch, another Rick victim? Talk about worlds record for shortest amount of time to ruin your automotive rep?!?
  8. Rick use to be very active on here, I haven't seen him post up in a while.

  9. Wonder why...
  10. Hey bro glad to see you blew the dust off her and she still got you interested shes kinda like a sweet looking brunette with big yabos that will only let you look... no touch! really hope you get her sorted out. The only thing i can say about Rick is i have 24k on my motor and she still runs great! except for a couple little things along the way and him having my car a little longer than i expected thats all. I guess he is the kinda guy that only works alone which is a shame cause if he had a team of decent mechanics under his guidance and skills the sky would be the limit.
  11. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the end results.
  12. Glad to see after all the headache your finally back at it bro . Best of luck . Team z is top notch can't wait to see it done

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  13. Do yourself a favor and get a separate set of tires for the street and the track, unless you run the new bias ply ET street R. No drag radial is going to work very well with that combination and a 6 speed.
  14. I have the M&H radial on my car, i think the mickey thompson radial is better on the street cruising around. If i roll into in in third gear it will smoke the M&H pretty easily.

    I see no problem with skinnies stopping at 150mph with the right brakes. A friend of mine runs true street with a 3300 lb hatch and can stop from 170mph without pulling the chute. He uses baer brakes.
  15. Not sure which baer brakes you have but i run their drag brakes that are designed for 15" wheels. I have never run the M&H tires on the track, just as a street tire.
  16. Guys have been in the 170s on a 275 Mickey t if we were talking in relation to mph . I know you are going wider with the mini tub . Just thought I would throw that out there . I don't know how much you follow small tire racing . Anyway this thing is gonna look wicked with that big ass tire

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  17. Even with the 325 I am pretty sure it's gonna look like a steam roller ready to re pave roads lol .

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  18. These were 325s IIRC. lotta meat.

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  19. I don't think so. Mainly just for width reference. I forget what the aspect ratio was on those.
  20. looks like a 28" tire to me