Progress Thread Project Sloth - It Barely Makes Any Progress

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  1. Here's what the front will look like, except black with a running pony in the grille.

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  2. I approve of that. The saleen front end is probably my favorite.
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  3. OK I wouldn't say neglected for that long your car was in my garage and both of mine were in the drive way. That being said I know what you mean anyway. Someone else is going to have to sway him this time. I have tried and failed. I can only hope getting my car running and tuned this week at Amazon will sway him. I want you to finish this thing you started it and have gotten so far spent so much time and money it has to be a toy ASAP. I know you got **** but don't take it out on the next guy you pick. I understand your frustration but people like your Rick and my Rick have so much experience, knowledge and demand you must be patient and understand your place in line. Understand that people bring them basket case cars that no one else can fix and then get ****y because of their own past problems. I have been through the looking glass now the time these people have is limited. If a tuner doesn't get right back to you or misses a dead line maybe someone brought him a work of art instead of a race ready car that just needs a tune. The best thing for you is you know it has issues and won't question the tuners integrity over issues. You have found your own subject matter expert to finish the car and do a better job than you or I could do in the amount of time they can. We don't have the expertise, experience, and decades of data these men have. If I had your car still I would give it to my guy and take my hands off the wheel. The last thing you need is someone telling you how to be A ARMY RANGER BAD ASS. The same applies your tuner. You picked him because you feel he is the best at what he does. Just let go and let him do his thing or I will get it and drop it off here and bill you.

    P.S. Don't kick my ass I love ya bro.
  4. Did I know you were a Ranger, Chris? So basically you know how to kill me six different ways before I finish a fart.
  5. I may have made a post when I came back from Ranger school years ago, but I don't wear that stuff on my sleeve.
  6. well chris whatever you end up doing with your car best of luck with it bro! you definitely deserve some good car luck .............................for a change!
  7. Thanks, John.
  8. glad to hear this buddy!! let progress begin your car deserves it do you
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  9. I guess I was wrong. I decided not to spaz out like last time when I was pretty clear I like timely communication and expectation. I called it off last time for this very reason. Once again, I'm calling it off. Rick won't be my man, and I will not reach out to him again.

    The last message we discussed a timeline in was on 17 September when he sent, "Yes I was[waiting to reply until I had a better idea of when I can come pick up the car]. I'll have a better feel once this current car is gone which should be mid next week. Then I'll pick a few dates and we'll firm one up."

    Previous to that was this on 9 September, "I have a few projects to finish up but they'll all be done around months end beginning on Oct..nothing major lined up next month."
  10. Funny you always here about the big HP or show car awards to back up the quality of work from the customers. But never here them complain about how long it took to complete, when everything comes back top notch.

    I run a small race engine building business on the side, I keep it small to maintain the quality but most jobs take longer then expected to be done right...I do try my best to keep my customer in the loop on progress though. My moto is "if it was mine how would I build it".

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  11. I've been home for the last month and a half and I've been too scared of the frustration of working on the car again. Well, I blew the dust off the car and changed the battery and oil today. I also cut the dipstick to the correct point for the fill line. Then I took the car for a drive and filled her up. The problems are still there, but the motor ran beautifully! It was nice to hear everything is still working right. Good oil/fuel pressure. Temps stayed at 188* consistently. I missed this car. I've got the Corvette up for sale, and if it goes, I'll be using some of that money to take another step or two with the car. I'm thinking that my next goal will be rear-end and suspension - 9".
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  12. Cut the dipstick, or the dipstick tube? What exactly is the correct measurement anyway?
  13. Yes, you're right. I cut the tube.

    It's equal the fill line at 7.5 quarts of oil. I figured a half quart for the FL-1A filter, and 7 quarts for the pan. Once the oil was in, I just measure the difference between the oil line and the full line, and then I cut the tube by that length.
  14. I remember you mentioning you were coming home, but forgot if it was for good or not. Either way, glad to hear there is still interest in the car.
  15. Until I find a new career.
  16. What???? :shrug: There'll still be interest in the car until you get a new job?
  17. Good luck with the car. Sadly I have only put 2 tanks through mine this year .
  18. Just mean until I'm too distracted again.
  19. Sucks about Rick jerking you around. The only person I know personally that got a engine from him had a real bad experience. Might of been for the best. Are you going to leave it alone for now then and just enjoy it?