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  1. Ouch, another Rick victim? Talk about worlds record for shortest amount of time to ruin your automotive rep?!?
  2. Rick use to be very active on here, I haven't seen him post up in a while.

  3. Wonder why...
  4. Guys, I'm not exactly a victim. I just couldn't work with someone who sucked and communication and couldn't follow through on his promises. So, in order to avoid being burned again, I cut things off, and I never heard another word from him. When we did talk, he was on point and gave me some great ideas. I also knew quite a few guys who were happy with him.
  5. Hey bro glad to see you blew the dust off her and she still got you interested shes kinda like a sweet looking brunette with big yabos that will only let you look... no touch! really hope you get her sorted out. The only thing i can say about Rick is i have 24k on my motor and she still runs great! except for a couple little things along the way and him having my car a little longer than i expected thats all. I guess he is the kinda guy that only works alone which is a shame cause if he had a team of decent mechanics under his guidance and skills the sky would be the limit.
  6. With the Corvette sold, I'm getting excited again. I feel like the boy who cried wolf. However, having cut out the middleman, I've talked to Dave Zimmerman Sr. at Team Z. It looks like I've got a 23 June date set up, assuming he gets moved to his new building in that time. He'll be taking care of the rear suspension, installation of his 9" outlaw rear, and a mini-tub. I've also talked to Scottrod about doing the rear interior panels in my car.

    I've been scouring the nets also looking to buy a car to swap some cleaner parts over to mine. I'd like to go with a black interior, and to clean up a couple of problems with the exterior. A nice car to swap parts from would save a lot of time and probably money over buying parts individually. One of the cars I'm looking at has some nice modifications, and I might really enjoy driving that car for a while to boot!
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  7. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the end results.
  8. I dropped the car off with Dave and Dave Jr at Team Z about 5 hours ago. It's going to get a mini-tub, Outlaw 9" housing with wheelie bars, Complete Team-Z rear coil-over suspension, and possibly interior panels. I'll also be sending him a built T56 from Promotion Powertrain if they have time to get it put together, and some of these:

    I'm back to the drawing board on the tires. Dave said a 28" tire would fit. I think that would make a great track tire size with 3.60 gears, which would put me through the traps at over 160mph at 7000 RPM (I have the limiter set at 7200). I don't think I'm likely to see those kind of trap speeds through a manual with my current set up, but through an auto, guys have gone in the high 150s. I can always adjust the gear ratio if it's too far off, though.

    The first drag radial up for consideration is an M&H Drag Radial.


    • Tread Width: 11.3"
    • Section Width: 12.6"
    • Diameter: 28.0"
    • Circumference: 88.0"
    • Rim Size: 11.0"
    • Code: ROD-20R
    I've heard good things...

    It also comes in the following size; I'm wondering if this one would fit:

    • Tread Width: 12.5"
    • Section Width: 14.3"
    • Diameter: 29.5"
    • Circumference: 92.7"
    • Rim Size: 12.0"
    • Code: ROD-09R

    The 390 sounds gigantic, and the section width really is, but the tread width is actually equal to the 335/35/17 Hooser Drag radial I was considering before. Pity that they don't make a taller Hoosier. It might be alright to run a 26" street tire, but I'd prefer the tallest street tire I can fit, because the additional sidewall and extra gearing from the tire oversize would significantly help with street traction.

    Some other candidates:

    Toyo Proxes
    LOAD MAX. 2,094 lbs.
    44 psi
    TREAD DEPTH 6/32"
    TIRE WEIGHT 35 lbs

    RIM WIDTHRANGEMEAS. 11.5-13.5"
    RIM WIDTH 12"
    SECT. WIDTH 13.7"
    TREAD WIDTH 13.4"
    OVERALL DIAM. 27.7"
    REVS. PER MILE 749


    The closest competition from Mickey Thompson is a 295/45/17, which is a 27.2" tire
    Size Equivalent 28X11.50R17
    Weight: 33
    Compound: R2
    Approved Wheel Width: 9.5-11.0
    Measured Wheel: 10
    Section Width: 11.6
    Tread Width: 10.6
    Diameter: 27.2
    Circumference: 85

    Looks like the Mickey T won't fit my 12" wheel.

    The Hoosiers only come in 26"

    I've had Nittos and I'm not interested. I think the toyos are in the same boat from what I've been reading. It looks like I'm going M&H.
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  9. Glad to see after all the headache your finally back at it bro . Best of luck . Team z is top notch can't wait to see it done

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  10. Do yourself a favor and get a separate set of tires for the street and the track, unless you run the new bias ply ET street R. No drag radial is going to work very well with that combination and a 6 speed.
  11. Yep, I intend to. I'll end up with a 15" rear wheel and a 28" slick. I don't have a plan for the fronts. Something about skinnies seems dangerous to me. I want to be able to stop from 150+
  12. I have the M&H radial on my car, i think the mickey thompson radial is better on the street cruising around. If i roll into in in third gear it will smoke the M&H pretty easily.

    I see no problem with skinnies stopping at 150mph with the right brakes. A friend of mine runs true street with a 3300 lb hatch and can stop from 170mph without pulling the chute. He uses baer brakes.
  13. Speaking of which, I use the baer brakes, too. Do you have any idea what offset and backspacing I should be using up front? My Cobra Rs rub a bit on the inside during sharp turns. It's an OEM Cobra R, but I don't know if it's the M179 or R58 or whatever the designation codes were. So, I don't know the backspacing/offset. I'm thinking I just want to run a typical 17x8 up front. Any idea what would work with the Bear fronts or where I could find that info? Maybe I should just give Baer a call.

    Also, I assume the M&H you're running is the 325, not the 390? Guys have gone 150s with the M&H 275 & 325. I'm thinking it would be hard for a 295 27.2" tall Mickey T to beat out a 390. And, it looks like it's a moot point because a 12" wheel is too wide for the Mickey T, anyway.
  14. Not sure which baer brakes you have but i run their drag brakes that are designed for 15" wheels. I have never run the M&H tires on the track, just as a street tire.
  15. Guys have been in the 170s on a 275 Mickey t if we were talking in relation to mph . I know you are going wider with the mini tub . Just thought I would throw that out there . I don't know how much you follow small tire racing . Anyway this thing is gonna look wicked with that big ass tire

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  16. I don't know if the 390 will fit in the wheel wells
  17. Even with the 325 I am pretty sure it's gonna look like a steam roller ready to re pave roads lol .

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  18. These were 325s IIRC. lotta meat.

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  19. That's a 28?
  20. I don't think so. Mainly just for width reference. I forget what the aspect ratio was on those.