Project StangIt - 91 Mustang LX

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  1. Look-in-good!! As previously said I think its turning out great and keep us informed :nice:
  2. Coming along nicely man! keep the pics coming!
  3. Nice project! Keep going!
  4. Thanks a million for the comments guys, i really appreciate it!

    The paint flattened out real nice, I like it a lot.

  5. Adding Stuff

    Got the manual MS installed. Found out my double flaring tool was junk and had to get another one. Got the ignition mounted and may throw the motor/tranny in tomorrow while I can get a little help and then go back to stabbing parts.

  6. looking awesome
  7. Oh how you have inspired me. This looks awesome, the more I see this done, and the more I look at my crowded up rats nest engine compartment, the more I cannot wait to do this to my car. Keep us updated!
  8. Well I thought I would have the motor and tranny in, but it took for ever to pull it and get the tranny mounted to the motor. I did snap a pic of my cool new Hays Pressure Plate and DF clutch. Got to go on a trip to Colorado so I doubt I will get much done for a couple weeks but I am going to try and squeeze something in when I get back in a few days.

  9. Thanks Guys!

    Just got back and decided to slide the drive train in. Makes me happy to see it starting to look like a car.


    Got the poly tranny mounts to go with the solid motor mounts. Some folks hate the vibration... I live for it! I'd rather listen to the sweet roar of the dumped flowmasters than a high end Alpine system any day! =)


    Gotta do the kinda work to get paid now... sux =(
  10. AGREED! :nice:
  11. Got the front clip bolted on. Needs a lot of work but that is for later.


    I just laid the hood on to see how it looks. I like it.

  12. Almost Running

    Almost have it running. Maybe this weekend it will move on power other than me. =)

    Saying good bye to the 86.
    Sporting the 4x4 look!
    Enough ground clearance to clear a volvo! I may put the 4 cyl springs on there, I liked the way the 86 sat up front.
    Got some wiring and hiding to do and putting my small Accel dist. on so my nitrous will clear.
    Digging the flat black parts.
  13. oh man your work is inspiring thats clean work looks great!
  14. looking good man

    your making me wanna pull my motor and start cleaningall the cluter

    keep up with the pics!
  15. looks great!!
  16. Thanks a million guys!

  17. you and i both lol!!!

    keep up the good work. :nice:
  18. Victory!

    Well, after a bunch of blood, beer and back pain, it's alive! I drove it about 50 miles and it is a beast! The tires break loose thru 4th without trying. Can't wait to get the 2 stages hooked up and some sticky meat!

    Spent a long time just getting the fender gap where it is now, still need A LOT of work!


    Put the 4 cyl. springs on after cutting a 1/4 coil off, it is so low now I have to have camber plates (when ever the $ comes back).


    I really like the VHT blackout stuff! Notice my kinda hidden moroso kill switch? I wonder if the cops will?


    The dash is no where near perfect but I'd say it is an improvement over what it was when I got it!


    The day I got it home:

  19. Impressive!