Project StangIt - 91 Mustang LX

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  1. Here is where I am today. I have made a few changes. I put coil overs on the front, a new cross member. Ditched the nitrous and got a D-1B blower that I am working on. Installed a hurst shifter. Cut the 87-93 hood to fit and will finish it later and polished the wheels.

    I will be rebuilding the D1 so I will post pics of that build in detail with part #'s and prices as soon as I get everything. I may be customizing a passenger side procharger setup, not sure yet but gonna try.
  2. hows the progress did you sell the nitrous set up already? if not pm me with a price
  3. I basically gave it away and now wish I had it back! The deal is not final yet but I traded the procharger for another roots deal. I had one a few years ago and loved it, so hopefully I will have some updates in a few weeks, until recently it has just been too dang hot to do anything, couple that with laziness and beer and the only progress I make is a bigger fuel tank on me... =)

    How is the "Budget Project" coming? Got that blue on yet?

    Here is what I have coming: