Project: Swapping 94 Gt drivetrain to 1999 V6 Vert chassis

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  1. Hello all. I'm going to be starting this project soon. Basically taking the drivetrain/wiring/computer out of my 94 GT and swapping it all into my newly acquired 99 6 shooter.

    I will try and be very thorough and take lots of pics in case this question comes up in the future or someone is seriously contemplating doing it themselves.

    I'm going to polish every single thing that can be polished under the hood. I'm not going to seal up any holes or go crazy like that, but I may put a fresh coat of paint on the engine bay while the engine is out.

    I'll post pics of both rides tomorrow, you can see one right now in my sig. BTW, I will have many extra parts that I will be selling throughout and at the end so if you need something just ask.

  2. Basic 5.0 in a New Edge. That's going to be pretty cool.

  3. Sounds like a cool swap, but what did your 94 do wrong? ;)
  4. Trust me when I say there is a VERY good reason for it, but I just can't say what it is here. Use your imaginations!
  5. You stole your car, and the authorities are on to you now?
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  6. My imagination is only good when it comes to naked Asian women. You're going to have to be more specific.

  7. Sounds like a cool project.

    My money is on he s***** r***d the 94,and wrecked it!
  8. Any idea what your going to do for inspection... Whats going to happen when they plug in to the obd2 port and it says fails to connect. :shrug:
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  9. Naked Asian women... :drool:
  10. I'll just draw from memory.
  11. No inspection in FL thank god.
  12. Here are the players in this epic tale of sacrifice of my 94 GT for the greater good of a younger lad...emm err car I mean.

    My 94:


    I spent lots of time rebuilding the interior of this car last year, but upon really taking a closer look at the undercarriage I can see that it's all beat up pretty good. No rust, but it's just too much work to get the underside of the car looking straight and clean. Plus it has "another" issue I can't talk about.

    My new 99 V6:


    I just picked this car up yesterday and the undercarriage looks brand new! No oil, grease or anything. It has a few cosmetic issues on the body, but for the price I paid I'll live with it. The interior is super clean aside from the front seats. And it just so happens I have 2 mint condition charcoal seats out of a 02 GT in my 94. So they'll be making their new home in the vert after all is said and done.

    Here's the game plan:

    First I'll strip the 94 down putting everything I'm going to need in their own marked boxes and bags. I'm planning to pressure wash the nasty K member and painting it before reinstalling into the 99. I'm thinking I can use the A arms from the 99 so I'll keep the track width. In that case, they are super clean already and need no attention.

    The engine will be getting an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake setup. The rest of the longblock will be stock, I'm going to replace things like timing chain, oil pump, balancer, motor mounts and gaskets. Like I said before, everything made out of aluminum will be polished except for maybe the engine brackets.. thinking I might powder coat them. I will also put a quick coat of paint on the naked engine bay once all the wiring and such it out of the way, Perfect time to do it wouldn't you say?

    Once I'm this far, I'll begin gutting the interior in the vert to remove the wiring harnesses as well as the dash to get to it's harness. Bascially every single wire harness in the 94 MUST be reinstalled in the 99 to make this work. I'm dreading fishing the harnesses back through the doors because I know it's a pita! But while the dash is out might be the pefect opportunity to do it.

    Underneath I will have to take down all the fuel lines and tank and swap the 94 stuff in. I might install a new high pressure fuel pump sine I plan to supercharge it later on.

    Once all that is done it will be a simple engine/tranny swap. I hope to have a rear end waiting to go in, but if I don't I'll roll with the 7.5 for a little while cause I don't want to run the more narrow 8.8 in my 94. 3/4" on each side is just too much I think. (edit: I'm going to run the 94 rear since finding a 99 up 8.8 is proving to be difficult. I will run spacers to correct the length issue.)

    Things that I'm not sure how to do or have no plan for and will have to wing:

    Getting the top to work
    Getting the keyless entry to work
    Transmission Crossmember
    Powering the windows for the rear quarter windows.

    To help alleviate some of these issues I might go find a 94/95 V8 or V6 vert to snag the body harness out of since it will be correct for a vert. Matter of fact, I might be forced to do it if there are lots of differences. If you're parting out a 94/95 Vert let me know, I'll take the harness from ya.

    that's it for now, I'll start this within the next week.
  13. Damn, it's a vert. A vert in FL is like tits on a bull.

  14. Meaning..... a good thing or a bad thing
  15. Having a convertible in FL is worthless. I lived in FL almost my whole life, and I never understood why someone would own a convertible till I moved up here.

  16. Kinda stuck there with you...I always thought tits on a bull would be pretty worthless, but the little time I've spent in FL I was always wishing I had my vert, that it would be pretty useful there.:D

    Sounds like a cool project! Didn't realize it would take that much swapping, but it sounds like you've done your homework. I would think you'd be able to fab in some of the missing pieces, like power for your top, etc. Do the quarter windows on a coupe not roll down? Otherwise, wouldn't your harness from your 94 have the power? You might even consider wiring them to run on the same power as the front window for that side. IMHO it's kinda dumb not to have them running on the same switch, as 99% of the time I roll down both the front and the back anyway. When/if I put power windows in the 67, that's my plan.

    I'd take some more detailed measurements on your 8.8 to see if you have a problem, and if so, can you fix it with some different backspacing on your wheels? Seems like a waste of a good rearend, particularly if you've got an additional 3/4 inch to put some monster meats back there!

    Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  17. I'm guessing I'll be able to come out even on my rear end deal. Since mine is what fox guys are looking for to do swaps, it'll be very easy to sell it.

    There is a guy on corral that has done this swap and him and I have been talking for a couple years now while I was preparing to do this. I wanted to do this last year, but I ended up with another 94 GT instead. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the project this year by getting myself a 99. I'm stoked about it and I basically have everything I need to do it, now I just need time.
  18. I am curious as to why you are changing wire harnesses that have nothing to do with the driveline swap?

    Also, I read a thread on another forum where the person used the stock K-member for his 5.0 swap... Pretty sure it was a 99... So, why go through that trouble?
  19. The stock 96 and up K members are punched out to accommodate the 4.6, the V6 are actually installed with adapter plate to make them work. The 5.0 will not set down into the 99 K member.

    The reason all the wiring must be changed is because many connectors will be different and thus won't mate creating a bunch of hacked up splicing and such. Also remember the newer cars have the dashes wired up for OBD2 setup. The computer has control over some of the subsystems of the car such as the gauge cluster. The only way to ensure everything mates up and works as it should is to use 100% of the wiring out of the 94. It sounds like a huge pita, but it really shouldn't be.
  20. If I find the thread where the guy put a 5.0 in his 99, I'll send it to you.
    He was in the thread, as was another member in process of performing the swap.
    I don't know enough about Stangs past 1979 to even guess how it used the stock K-member, but I do know that I was told I couldn't use a Fox body I6 K member swapping in a 5.0, and I discovered that was a myth, saving me big time and money on swapping in another K. I just thought that if others did it, you might save.

    As for the wiring, again, I am novice at 'late' Stangs, but it just seems to me that you could harness the engine to a Fox ECM, and divorce the engine wiring from unrelated systems such as windows.
    Yeah, you'd have to make some conections, but that beats pulling every bit of wire in the car, then replacing it.

    Just a thought.
    Maybe I am being to simple minded about it?