Project: Swapping 94 Gt drivetrain to 1999 V6 Vert chassis

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  1. the 94 wiring harness has all the connections for the top but not the windows. to get the top to work all you have to do is buy the switch on ebay. if it was my opinion i would sell the 5.0 and buy the 5.4 from a lincoln or a cobra and do that swap it is less modification. it would be like doing a gt swap. but that is my opinion not to mention it would be a super charger and irs to a terminator cobra.
  2. My top works just fine using the 94 harnesses. And if I wanted a mod motor powered car I would have simply bought one. Everyone and their kid brother has one so I wanted to be a little different. The only mod motor powered Mustang I'd own is an 03/04 Cobra.
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  3. Just an update, the car is about to go through a huge transformation. It'll be getting a full Saleen body kit and I'm painting the car GM Velocity Yellow. I thought about screaming yellow but I think the Vette yellow is brighter. Also I'm about to drop in a fully forged bottom end 347 stroker. Hoping for 500 rwhp with boost. Pics and posts in the weeks ahead when the wrenches start turning.

    The game plan is to pull the current engine out and paint the engine bay. I'm also going to spray the underside of the trunk/inside the trunk and the door jambs at the same time so they'll all be done. Then once the engine is back in I'll begin prepping the car for paint. When it goes in for paint I'll pull off the stock bumpers and side skirts to make way for the Saleen stuff. Should be sweet when I'm done. This is the look I'm going for here:

  4. Gonna look good buddy
  5. You did a lot of nice work on that car, I am impressed.
  6. If you plan to build a boosted 347 seriously consider a Dart block. I did a stock block 347 and I regret it now.
  7. Oh I know all about that Lars and plan to do a dart block next year. My tuner is one of the best in the country and he's assured me he'll tune it to be safe and reliable. The engine will have a Snow stage 2 kit to keep it from detonating. Also I've read that when you use a internal balance rotating assembly it helps the block live especially if kept under 6k rpm which this one will. Tax season next year I'll order a brand new boss or dart block and have all my current internals transferred into it.
  8. I love that you have created a car that you love (mixing power train and body), and are now going to go even more above and beyond with it. Cant wait to see updates.
  9. thanks! I appreciate it!
  10. I just had the car weighed the other day and it weighs 3440 lbs without driver. I guess it's a little on the hefty side. When my new motor goes in I'll be dropping about 50 lbs of iron head weight in favor of the aluminums.
  11. Can you squeeze funds for a tubular K member while the engine is out?
  12. I don't think I can swing it this time around. Maybe plan it for the Dart/Boss block install in a couple years.
  13. Here's an update, I sold the car last year to a local guy and have kept in touch with him. I'm actually assisting him with a procharger install right now. He ended up getting it painted black with a purple pearl in it. Looks great! I regret selling it every time I see it.


  14. Nice setup man. I sent you a message. If you get time to write back.

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  15. And now even more updates to this 5 year old project. I just bought the car back to add back to my stable. It now lives next to my 03 Cobra! It now sports a H/C/I setup with an old P600B Procharger. Doing a turbo later in the new year.




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  16. I was thinking about this car the other day. Nice to see it again!
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  17. Glad you got it back! I always thought it was a bad ass creation. Why are you ditching the procharger for turbo?
  18. This little blower is out of steam at 10 psi. And the power comes on so lazy. The only option is to put a D1 head unit on and I can buy an entire On3 kit for that and make 100+ more HP. Plus I've always wanted a turbo 5.0. They've made some big improvements to their kits over the years so I'll take the gamble. I'll update this thread when I do the install.
  19. The car now sports a stock short block, GT40Y aluminum heads, F 303 intake and Systemax intake. My fuel system consists of a 340 Aeromotive pump, 42 lb injectors and a BA5000 slot MAF. I have everything I need to make good power, just need a better method of boost!
  20. Ah, I have never read up on the Procharger models to know how good/bad they are. And you say you will update the thread when you start the turbo conversion... Does that mean its already been ordered?