Project "take out 302, put in 306" PICTURES

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  1. Way to go Mike!! Sounds like you're coming along quite well. :nice:

    And that's awesome that your girl helps you with your car. :drool: Mine likes stangs (drives a 98 GT), but she doesn't work on them. :( I think if I ever saw her holding a torque wrench I would lose all control. ;)
  2. thanks for the compliments men.

    the heads go on tomorrow along with the headers and lifters and all that fun stuff, it should be almost a complete engine tomorrow night!!

    still considering the 7 qt oil pan... why the F are they like $250 ????? they should be like $50 tops :shrug:
  3. Mike,
    You don't need a high volume oil pump! These pumps will take more hp due to the higher volume. Get an OE pump from summit and forget the 7qt pan. If you're in a hurry check out NAPA.
  4. Actually, the cheapest place I found was my local Autozone.
    Melling M68 for 20.00. Summit was 21.00+8.95 for handling, and takes a day to get here.
    I'm actually at the same position. I broke my crank just ahead of the 2nd main journal. It appears that the SFI balancer I had was moving around on the crank and caused the bolt to back out. The bolt loosened and the balancer moved forward enough to come free of the key, and spun on the crank. One big bang and dead silence....
    Not even on it at the time, just pulling away from a stoplight.

    Anyway, I just put the intake on my new shortbolck tonight, and wil work on getting it in the car tomorrow night.....
  5. Grampa made a funny :rlaugh:

  6. MIKE great job man! Feel free to send me the old motor or anything else you dont neede anymore. I need some now mods. LOL
  7. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol:
  8. Actually, since he has a supercharger the need for a HV oilpump is there. remember you need to also now get oil to the charger and that is putting more load on your motor. The rule of thumb is 10psi in oil press. for every 1,000 rpm you plan on spinning the motor. so 6,000 redline = 60psi, and at that psi the extera load of oiling a quickly spinning charger will take a toal.

    Also you mentioned the harm. bal. that prob. was a partial cause (at least, prob. did most of the damage) and then the adding of the charger put just alittle extra load on the front snout causing even more wear.

    RC- dont worry about the wires, each connector is diff. you cannot hook them up wrong. They are ID-10-T proof.
  9. Don't do a high volume oil pump.

    These pictures have confirmed that I will be ording a complete crate motor from intake to pan, balancer to flywheel here shortly. That and it's like 200 degrees outside.
  10. looks sweet so far, good thing you decided to put in a new motor since it looked like you were getting some engine wear ( berrings )
  11. i think that i should indeed go with a high volume pump... as stated above i have to supply the supercharger with oil as well as the rest of my engine. and as you can see from my bearing pictures, it looks as though my engine wasnt getting the oil it needed... it only flows 25% more than stock...what harm can come from having more oil when it is needed?
  12. If you get one look at getting a larger oil pan as some HV pumps have been known to suck up all the oil faster than it can drain back down to the pan. Making there little to no oil in the pan. An aftermarket pan that holds more oil might be needed.
  13. thanks i have been looking into it
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  15. how many miles do u have to have ur bearings looking like that?
  16. the old bearings had 69,523 miles on them
  17. Very nice job Mike :nice:
    Nice detailed pics for those who never saw the inside of a stock block. I have double the miles and wonder how mine looks on the inside.
    In the pic with "every part on the inside" I notice some tools mixed in there. Are those all the tools you found in your motor? I swear mine steals them from me everytime I drop one.

    BTW very nice garage, holy cow that's a lot of space! :nice:
  18. lol! no i didnt find those tools in there....
  19. some crappy cell phone pictures from lastnight.... didnt have any Rvt for the lower intake corners so i had to stop


  20. No kidding. I must have half my sockets missing somewhere under my hood.