Project "take out 302, put in 306" PICTURES

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  1. Familiar picture

    I am just completing my build 306 Dss forged low compression pistons. I Did as much as I could afford at this time. I purchased a canton pan with dipstick and pick up. I installed a half inch girdle on my but had to pound a little on the pad above the crossmembel but not biggie. The pan sits a little lower than the stock because the little crossmember would not fit any more.( the tube between the k member ) but it is not very low i think you should be fine.
    Set up:
    306 Dss low comp.
    stock rods, crank, block but balanced
    Twisted wedge Track heat heads
    1.72 scorpion rockers with chromemolly puch rods
    Stock cobra intake
    Stage 1 trick flow cam
    30# inj, 255 intake, T-rex aeromotive fpr, adjustabel Cartech Fmu
    ( purchased 42# and will ditch the fmu now)
    high volume pump canton pan, dipstick, and pickup
    Vortech S trim/ anderson power pipe
    Fluidine rad with 180 stat high volume Flow cool water pump.

    Good luck with your build planning on starting mine up this week end.
  2. so you are saying i have to take stuff out / beat on stuff to get the new pan to fit? :fuss:
  3. All this for a 'high-volume oil pump'! Man, you have dedication. I'd put a factory replacement with the factory pan and be done with it.
  4. Actually the pan was an excellent fit

    Acutally the pan was an excellent fit but since I installed the 1/2 main girdle I had to compensate for that that is why I had to modify the pan but really no big deal. I only had to bang to make room for the pick up tube since it sits lower due to the girdle and this would have had to have been done to your stock pan also even more if you installed a girdle very common. Concerning the tube between the crossmember I would rather remove it or modify it rather than starve my engine from oil.

  5. i am deticated! i figured since i am in here, i dont want to be doing it again really soon.... i want to enjoy my car for atleast 2-3 months before i have to rip it apart again.....
  6. It's a type of clay or something that looks like a string. Mine came in about a 1 foot section. You use the paper that the plastigage comes in to measure it after torqueing down the caps. It's really simple, just a pita because you have to remove and reinstall all the caps several times.[/QUOTE]

    If using ARP bolts/studs, the removal and reinstallation is a good thing as this helps stretch the bolts. ARP suggest 3 torque cycles. Peace

  7. Hey what kinda of hood do you have on the car. I ask because I have the Cobra R hood and I want to install the MSD box in the location you have yours and want to know if there are any clearance issues (i.e. hood hitting MSD box) Let me know. Peace

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  8. i have the 96-98 cobra hood on my car, no clearance issues :nice: kinda weary about rain and washing it with the box there, the hood scoop holes are right above it...

  9. :nice: i'm on it
  10. Welp i washed out the engine bay tonight... i used simple green and a power washer, it did a great job!! i'll get pictures up later....

    but i was taking my old piston rings off (the ones out of the 302) and cleaning up the pistons for storage.... and i found these....

    Piston 7


    Piston 8


    hummmmm would those cause blowing HG's all the time? that mixed with no adjustable Fuel pressure regulator? hummmm

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  11. TTT??? :shrug:
    You got 5 pages of replies :scratch:
  12. It sure didn't help the situation, blow bye is never good.
  13. You copier!! Buying the same stuff as me, blowing the same pistons as me! GOD!!! Looks like yours is coming along nicely, I wish I made a thread like this. I have a bunch of pictures just like yours and tires do make excellent engine stands!
  14. what kind of symptoms do you notice with cracked pistons? (94gtlazerRC, this was the question i was trying to get answered....not just ttt for the fun of it.)

    blueovalstang....what are the chances? lol its crazy... yeah i thought itd be a good idea to do this not just to keep you all updated, but to also have proof that the the stuff done to the engine was actually done to it... if you know what imean... when you buy a car there is no way of knowing for real what is inside. just my thuught process.
  15. any tips for putting the engine back in?
    its ready and waiting
  16. Good Luck, and Dont drop it.!!!
  17. so wheres the pics of the cleaned up engine bay??????
  18. i need to find my dig. camera....its somewhere in my room....
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