Project "take out 302, put in 306" PICTURES

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  1. :nonono:

    very nice job. I bet you cant wait to get the motor in and fire it up :nice:

    Are you going to break in the new motor with boost?
  2. Well, i actually had some time tonight to put the oil pan on and tap the hole in the side for the S/c return line. NOW IT IS IN!!!! some progress pictures



    YES i am a HICK

    My Friend Wes who helped me line things up as i dropped it in.... What a weirdo

    Almost there!!!


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  3. Man you main bearings looked like that after only 69,000.. Mine must look like hell after 100,000+ Ok maybe i will break this thing down before i put the turbos on.. but i really want a 331
  4. Mike - that looks BADASS. Can't wait to see when all is finished!!!!
  5. Looks real good you hick :p
  6. :nonono: I at least used a Ford tractor to put my Cheby engine in my blazer. :D
  7. Thank you all!
    94gts yes i am going to break the motor with the S/C on it, but i dont plan on boosting it... it is possible but kinda hard not to but i think i can keep my foot out of the throttle for a few hundred miles

    before i tighten down the engine mount nuts should i level the engine in the engine bay? before you answer level is only reletive to the levelness of the car and of the ground.... how do i find if its level in the car?
  8. just set it in and bolt it down. your tranny crossmember should do the leveling.
  9. you wouldve noticed a lot of oil burning. cracked pistons like that wont blow your head gaskets. When the ring lands crack off like that, its due to detonation. you were having major timing issues apparently. hope this helps
  10. thank you sir!
  11. Good news and bad news.....

    Good news..... car is completely back together and running, sounds great and the aluminum drive shaft makes sooo much diffrence in the vibration through the tranny...

    Bad news... my radiator is pressurizing again and blowing coolant out of my over flow tank and it keeps over heating... my rear main seal is leaking and the car keeps stalling when i push the clutch in to slow down from driving....

    93 octane fuel
    timing 11 degrees
    fuel pressure at idle 43 psi

    :shrug: i hate my car
  12. ill get pictures up tomorrow night sometime im going to bed to cry now :(
  13. Did you purge the air out of the engine/lines before taking it out?
    If not try getting the car up to operating temps, then stand there while revving it a little bit here and there and "burp" it. Keep filling up the radiator with water till it stops bubbling. This should take about 10-30 mins depending on how fast it goes.

  14. Finished Product! Sorry they arent the best pictures, taken at 12 midnight in a barn...





    My car is much happier now... :)


    still having a few issues but ill make a new thread about them.

    thanks for all your help!

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  15. Im curious as to the kind of power that makes...I may have a compression issue, and if I do, I will be switching to a 306 myself, keeping the Vortech and adding the Stage 2 Meth kit.

    Im going today for a leakdown. If the test is ok, Ill pick up the kit and hold off on the engine...If it's not...then I may be getting a 306 sooner than I wanted to (financially that is)


    PS....Just my opinion, you should lose the decals on the radiator and just paint it a nice black with some Krylon fusion.

  16. yeah thats a good idea.... i've never thought about it...
    thanks good luck with yours, i'll get some numbers soon ;)
  17. Whats the compression ratio?
  18. Does everyone see the notches in those pistons on his new 306 (page 1)? My notches on my pistons are there but BARELY visible. Would that limit which heads I could choose?
  19. Umm...May be doing it sooner than I think.

    Bad day with the leak down test...gotta get my numbers and post them in a different thread later on.

  20. The Comp ratio is whatever stock 91 gt comp ratio is... 9:1 i think....

    pokageek im not really can use my picture and start a diffrent thread maybe, you would probably get more replies and more info.

    Laser yeah i saw your numbers and im guessing they arent good, i dont know what they mean, but then they are that much diffrent, something has to be messed up....