Progress Thread Project "uh-60 Fox Body"

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  1. Ok so I had a minute to think about what I wanted to do with my 5.0, and I came across the idea of a helicopter designed theme. So with that being said, here's the start of the project. 6ahu4ege.jpg 6e4evuva.jpg really bad rust damage on this car. 6y7aru6y.jpg

    The paint going on this car is actual paint used on UH-60 Sikorsky Blackhawks. Got the hook up for a gallon from a surplus store for $30, better than rattle cans. But I'll keep this thread updated for this project.
  2. Day 2 and the body work is done and ready for paint
  3. How exactly do you plan to apply this gallon of paint? Spraying it? What's the story with the hood? You removed the antenna to get to all of the rust around it I hope? Sorry for 20 questions. Just curious.
  4. The paint is sprayable. So using my hvlp gun and using reducer to get the right consistency. Then the rust is simple, use a wire cup brush, then use rust mort which stops the rusting process.
  5. Well this is how she sits now: renupysy.jpg 6unadyqy.jpg y9uqa7y4.jpg
  6. Carpet on the dash has to go! Looks great otherwise ;)
  7. Now she's complete. y7e8y2yr.jpg 2a4u3ega.jpg asy7e9uz.jpg 5a2uvysy.jpg
  8. I feel like Mad Max will be making an appearance soon!!
    Loved that movie :cool:
  9. Lol to be honest with you, so many people have said mad max, but I've never seen it lol
  10. I like it, its creative. Put a beast motor in it and it will be raw!
  11. This is what he drove in the movie....
    Just lots of bad ass raw coming at cha!!!

  12. I mean I have the same hood, now I need a blower haha
  13. Either that or mount a gun turret to it.
  14. Don't forget the switch to turn on the blower.

  15. I've always wanted one of those. I even think I've figured a way to make it work. :D
  16. The hood is the blower,.....err the blower is the hood.:crazy:

    It's fake, it is a top half of a blower wannabe bonded on to a hood
  17. AC clutch?...
  18. Yes but also a one-way inlet in the blower case that is pressurized closed when the blower begins to build boost.