Fox Project "what Year Is Your Escort Again?"

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  1. Ok, more like $300. Heh. 3G is now in!
  2. Awesome car, and welcome to Stangnet with it.
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  3. Car made 464hp and 479tq with a poorly tuned shot of nitrous. My msd pulled too much timing and it ran super fat when sprayed. It's pilled for 100 but only made half that. I've got the msd thing straight now.

    If I go long tubes 1 7/8ths and a cat less h pipe the tuner said I should pick up another 20 at the wheels. Currently running cats and 1 5/8ths shorties. Overall I picked up 20/24 in the tune and it revs cleanly. I runs great but I look forward to how well it runs after the additions.
  4. The problem with the 2G alternator is in the pigtail. too much power for 2 little 10 gauge wires. I used to have a 91' auto Escort wagon, and a 93' 5 speed wagon. They both ate timing belts, but I loved them both anyway.

  5. Yeah. I replaced the alternator with a 150amp 3G and upgraded wiring kit a few weeks ago. All good now.
  6. Oooops. See below
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  8. Oooooooh. It's like jewelry.

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  9. Nice!! That tranny has always been high on my list of mods.
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  10. nice!,i have mine waiting for me at my buddies least i know how its going to look like in the how the longer 1st is going to be! View attachment 116163
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  11. The 2.66 is going to be nice. I think the t5 is 3.35 first.

    I was going to change out my 3.73s for 3.08s or 3.27s but I might stay with what I have. The sixth gear is only a little taller than the factory 5th but it's supposed to knock the rpms down 400 or so. That might make my car tolerable on the highway. Right now I can't hear a passenger.
  12. What are your cam specs on this crate 363 motor. I'm about to look into this as well. Is this a daily driver also??
  13. Following the old Hot Rodding adage that there is no substitute for cubes, Ford Racing takes the popular 302 based stroker to the max with the 500 horsepower Z363 crate engine. By taking the bore out to 4.125", the displacement of the popular 347 stroker has been increased to 363 cubic inches. Combined with an improved Mahle piston, the Z363 makes 50 more horsepower and 50 lb. ft. of torque than the Z347 that it replaces. Nothing but the best parts are used inside including: forged crankshaft, forged I-beam connecting rods with floating piston pins and a high performance oiling system. Built with the BOSS 302 block and Z304D aluminum heads, Z363 fits many of the vehicles originally built with a 289 or 302 8.2" deck height block. Ford Racing Engineers designed Z363 to work both on the street and the strip with strong torque curve that delivers over 390 lb ft from 3500 to the 6500 rpm redline. With a compression ratio of 10.0:1, Z363 runs on unleaded premium pump gas.

    500 hp @ 6500 rpm

    450 lb-ft @ 5300 rpm

    Engine type: 302 based small block ford
    Displacement (cu in): 363
    Bore x stroke (in): 4.125" bore x 3.400" stroke
    Block: Boss 302 8.2 deck M-6010-BOSS302
    Crankshaft: SCAT Forged Steel
    Connecting rods: SCAT forged steel I-beam connecting rods
    Pistons: Forged Mahle w/ floating wrist pins
    Camshaft type: Hydraulic Roller
    Camshaft lift (in): .580"/.602"
    Camshaft duration (@.050 in): 232°/240°
    Cylinder Heads Ford Racing Aluminum "Z" Cylinder Heads M-6049-Z304DA (ex. port raised .625")
    Valve size (in): 2.02" intake 1.60" exhaust
    Compression ratio: 10.1:1 (nominal)
    Rocker arms: Roller Rockers
    Rocker arm ratio: 1.65:1
    Vibration Damper – Ford Racing SFI Approved
    Valve covers: Ford Racing cast aluminum polished finish w/ Boss Script (M-6582-BOSSP)
    Oil pan: high performance 7 quart capacity and windage tray / scraper M-6675-DRS302
    Water pump: Edelbrock hi-performance
    Includes Ford Racing M-9439-A50 intake manifold gaskets
    Does not include distributor, intake and flywheel
    Recommended fuel: Premium unleaded
    Ignition timing: 32° BTDC at 4,000 RPM
    Maximum recommended rpm: 6,500
    Balanced: Internal. Use neutral balance flywheel
    Intake manifold: Not included.
    Engine power rating achieved with long tube headers, Edelbrock intake manifold #2928 Super Victor w/ 750 Holley carb and 1" carb spacer
    Depending on your application, a different timing cover, water pump, performance oil pan and pickup may be required. See installation notes INSTALLATION NOTES: See engine installation and tuning tips. Some or all of the following items may need to be changed from your original engine or modified for proper installation:
    This engine has a rear sump performance oil pan and pickup, regular rotation timing cover and regular rotation water pump, and non-EFI valve covers.
    A different performance oil pan and pickup may be required for your application. Call the Techline at (800) FORD788 for more information.
    The timing chain cover will work with most regular rotation water pumps.
    Fuel pump eccentric M-6287-B302 installed, allows use of mechanical fuel pump
    A standard rotation water pump is installed on the engine. Other applications may require different water pumps and timing chain covers.
    The valve covers M-6582-BOSS should fit most non-EFI applications, optional valve covers (sold separately)
    The damper M-6316-D302 may require a spacer for pulley alignment.
    Requires zero balance flywheel
    Firing order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 (5.0L HO and 351W order
  14. copy paste from Ford Racing's site. I tried to include the hyperlinks but it truncated the post when I did.
  15. Is this a weekend only toy?? Would you DD this set up with that cam?? I got A/C, power brakes etc, I was looking at cam profiles.
  16. I DD it. I have no issues driving it in traffic. Just prefer not to because I have no AC and my clutch is stiffer in this car.
  17. Do you know the Lobe separation egree on the cam? Any of these 108, 110, 112, 114??
  18. other than what is listed above, I have no other info on the cam.
    Other than the info I have listed above, I have no additional info on the cam. It was a long block when I bought it.
  19. Gotcha, does your car sound smooth or very choppy idle??
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